Why do you have homosexuality?

Homosexuality has received a lot of attention in life, but as social inclusion increases, many homosexuals are also blessed! But why do societies have homosexuality? In fact, this is mainly a personal psychological reason, of course, now the medical also gives a professional answer, let’s take a look at the expert’s statement! The hypothesis that homosexuality differs is used to explain the causes of homosexuality, including biological factors, family and social factors, and psychodynamic factors. In fact, every aspect of life is affected by the combination of the above factors, not just sexual orientation. This is also the reason for the current bio-psycho-social medical model. Therefore, due to space limitations, it may be said that the predisposition of biology may determine the individual’s vulnerability or resistance to the influence of parents, and also determine the internal conflict or external environment. The relative influence of reality plays a certain role. Finally, the influence of both parents may be more than the power of the predecessor. It can be learned from studies on mammals that species-specific biological factors combined with feeding conditions can cause homosexual behavior in adulthood. From this perspective, adulthood behavior usually represents a successful adaptation in situations where heterosexual behavior is not feasible or acceptable. In short, due to the individual differences, the causes of each homosexuality are not exactly the same. To understand the cause of homosexuality of each person, it is still necessary to go back to the individual’s growth.