Face is worthless if it is worthwhile

Many people ask me about my feelings. I will mention that when I arguing with my lover and the other half, the two people are deadlocked. There is no end to it. No one wants to give in, so the feelings are noisy at the end. I feel that it is inevitable that quarrels will be normal together. Couples and couples will quarrel. The point is, what do you get from quarrels? It’s a good communication, so that the two know what the other person wants, or what misunderstandings, bad communication… If you finish the fight, you can make each other correct and improve, let the feelings better, and quarrel nothing. not good. However, the most fear is that there is a kind of couple quarreling because they are really unsuitable for each other, and they have to drag each other and change each other to become what you want. Then, if it is really not suitable, don’t argue again. It is more painful than happiness. This is not a healthy love. There is also a kind of quarrel, it is clear that the feelings are very good, but it is very noisy, the feelings are more noisy and weaker, the emotional management and EQ are not high, and the impulse is to say that it hurts people’s self-esteem or makes things that will regret you in the future. . Many people are stuck here. They feel that they must fight for right and wrong, win or lose. In fact, the most important thing is to be their own face. Many people know that they are losing money, or there is nothing to be noisy, but they can’t put it down in the face, so they would rather be there, cold war, talk about hurting people, and not want to let go of their bodies. They clearly love each other, but they use the wrong way, thinking that their posture is high, let the other party compromise, apologize, and please, this is the winner in love. They are all wrong. Because in love, the feeling you want to win (if you want this relationship), not the unimportant right, wrong, win, face. I once wrote an article in the book that love does not have to win or lose, quarreling is worse than apologizing! In the article, I wrote: In front of your boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s really boring to put on the shelf and love your face. To be honest, you are just fighting for a moment, but what? Any help for your feelings? If you love him, why bother to face in front of him, love reluctantly? You really just won the face and lost the lining. You won face, but have you won your feelings? If you care about him, if you love him, take off the face. The other person will truly love you and respect you, not because you have more face, but because you are willing to not want your face for him. Well, some people ask, if I apologize first, but what is wrong with the other party? My approach is to apologize first, let the other person feel good, ease each other’s emotions and atmosphere, and then wait until the gas is over, and then communicate with him to discuss whether the incident is right or wrong. In order to avoid quarreling on the gas, the other party is angry and angry, resulting in an irreparable situation. I really feel that If you really love someone and care about his feelings, then face is really not important at all. To be practical, is face worthwhile? Can you eat face? What you care about is not helpful to you or to your feelings. Why do you care so much? Of course, if the other party is really wrong, you don’t have to bow or feel that you have to be wronged. If this relationship is really not worth it, don’t, then, the face is even less important, because if the other party is not important to you, what do you care about? Many people will cling to right and wrong, win or lose, and feel that no matter what, they must be right and win. Of course, you may be really right. You must win the game because of your feelings. However, you are not a judge, a lawyer, or a lawyer. You are not trying to deal with a person or a relationship. Instead, you are running a relationship. What you have to consider is not the right or wrong in front of you, but whether you want this relationship or not, how do you go? If you look at the long-term perspective, you will feel that it is not important to be obsessed with winning or losing. Like the article I have written, when you quarrel, what is your purpose first? If you want to, you insist that you are right, he is wrong, and then you leave him. Otherwise, don’t argue right or wrong, for two people to work hard for a long time. But many people are, and they want to argue whether they are right or wrong, prove that the other is wrong, and then want to be with them. Think about it, is it a contradiction? If you really think that he is wrong, why should he sentence him, argue, and then be with him? Isn’t it a mouthful? I feel that when they are together, no matter what happens, they have mistakes, and everyone will make mistakes. As long as this mistake is not serious and can be improved, we must learn to be tolerant and accept, as long as we love each other and cherish each other. Learning from mistakes and getting better is the way to manage your feelings. In the face of the other half of the mistake, you don’t have to be arrogant to marry him and humiliate him, but to be confident and express your own ideas and communicate. I feel that being able to suppress my own emotions in the case of anger, to take a step back and express my dissatisfaction with arrogance, is actually very intelligent and very cultivated. We strive to be a more mature person, is not to learn to control their emotions, to be a person with a higher EQ? Then, in the face of the people we love, can we not try to be a person who speaks and does not hurt people, is more mature and considerate? If we love him, why should we hurt him? Whenever I have a quarrel with the other half, I will try my best to be a person who doesn’t talk badly and talk about hurting people. I would rather think twice before thinking about it. In the second, you will definitely thank yourself for your decision at the time. I would rather hold back my emotions. I don’t have much to say at the moment, and I don’t quarrel. I want to be a person who calms down the situation first. Then adjust your attitude to communicate. I know this is not easy, but since I want to maintain this marriage, I have to learn to be a mature person, not a woman who is only awkward and noisy. If so, I will hate myself. I love him, so I am willing to give him the face. I am willing to let him be the winner. I don’t want to argue with anger and say irrational words. So I am willing to let, not to fight for the useless face, you really just won the face and lost the lining. You must think about it, win face, win feelings? If not, do we care about the uselessness that is just to make our face cool? Love a person, so I am willing to let go of my body and posture, not because we are weak, but because we have greater tolerance and mind to let a person we love. We are willing to give face to him, to maintain the other half of the face, even in the dispute, leave the face to him, not to compete. If he loves you and cherishes you, he will thank you for giving him face. Sometimes, you take a step back and it seems that you have lost some, but then you will win more respect and love. If you love him, give him the face, you will let him, you will know to be a more mature and rational person. Faces are worthless, and feelings are valuable. No? It seems to have lost some, but then you will win more respect and love. If you love him, give him the face, you will let him, you will know to be a more mature and rational person. Faces are worthless, and feelings are valuable. No? It seems to have lost some, but then you will win more respect and love. If you love him, give him the face, you will let him, you will know to be a more mature and rational person. Faces are worthless, and feelings are valuable. No?