Must understand the four facts before cohabitation

Cohabitation is becoming more and more common. There is no official statistic that shows how many people in China live together. For those who enjoy it, the feeling of cohabitation is paradise. For those who suffer, it is hell. The only thing that can be certain is that the cohabitation phenomenon that is prevalent in the world is the most vulnerable gender relationship. A large survey proved that 65.73% of cohabitation requirements were first proposed by boys, and nearly 20% of girls were completely at a loss when they faced the “coha” request for cohabitation or chose to grieve their will to cater to “he”. Cohabitation before marriage has advantages and disadvantages. This article does not comment. This is just to remind unmarried girls who are preparing to live together. Before you decide to live with a boy, you must first recognize the big traps of cohabitation, and then consider whether it is suitable for living with him. After all, Cohabitation is a serious matter. Sexual love. I don’t know how many people are living together to solve sexual problems. I suspect that sex is not the first factor that a girl decides to live together. But many girls still simply believe that sex is indeed a good weapon to tie men. When a man first starts to cohabit, he may be happy to be ecstasy at any time, but for three months, the sex life of cohabitation is usually more boring than when you live alone, and then you will suspect that accepting cohabitation is a stupid one. idea. This situation arises because the frequency is frequent and the intensity is reduced? “The same thing will be boring for a long time.” This is not the whole reason. More reasons come from the various small problems exposed in the other’s life. For example, he eats too much, and when he drinks soup, he is like a pig… Unconsciously, you will find that you have begun to degenerate into a “sexless family”. money. When you first started dating, you of course just let him take all the expenses, but when you decide to live together, the expenses necessary for living together are definitely not affordable for the young man who just entered the society. One day, he will open your wallet and ask you to bear the crystal vase yourself. From then on, you will list the details of the family bill. Of course, there is no way to solve this problem, such as adopting the AA system within the family. privacy. When you didn’t live together, he got a call from the opposite sex. You were curious. Maybe he could be considered cute and cute. When you go to his single dormitory, he will not look at his small drawer. He strongly condemned. But when you live together, you monitor his phone and whereabouts, and use his mobile phone to locate him at any time, and he may have to be smashed into a small stomach. After a long time, both sides will be tortured to this collapse.