What are the eight manifestations of men’s jealousy?

In the process of getting along with each other, whether it is a man or a woman, it is best to maintain an appropriate distance from the opposite sex, avoiding the other half misunderstanding and causing contradictions. When a woman is jealous, many people will complain, or simply express their dissatisfaction. However, when most men are jealous, they are very concealed and often difficult to find. Let’s talk about the eight manifestations of men’s jealousy. 1. I will entangle myself for a while. Some boys are jealous and will show two opposite states. I will pretend that I have nothing at all. If I go home, I will not pick you up. I will not return your information. It will be like the evaporation of the human world. Then I will yell at the same time to fight with the enemy, and then madly entangled. You, always ask you whether you love me or him. How to deal with it: In order to appease his violent and uneasy mind, girls can’t express their love. It is best to give boys some small surprises. For example, if you dress up beautifully, give him a sweet kiss. 2. Consciously avoid facing you. The deeper the love, the stronger the vinegar is. The more self-confident the boy is, the more he has a strong desire to control his girlfriend. However, once he feels that his girlfriend is no longer under his control, he will talk to his girlfriend. Play with the peekaboo game, don’t want to take photos with you, try to avoid the occasion with you alone, with the words of jealous boys, this can avoid embarrassment, and even even work will be replaced. How to deal with it: At this time, girls can’t expect boys to take the initiative to come back to themselves. Their self-respect does not allow them to do this. It is best for girls to take the initiative to apologize in order to get the two people back to the sweetness of the past. 3. While angering, ignore people. Some boys will be angry and ignore when they are jealous. Such a male student’s sense of sovereignty is very serious. He feels that his girlfriend is his own private owner and is completely unacceptable to others. The most common scene is that the boys sit on the side with a cold face. What did you ask him? He said to you: Nothing. You ask again, angry? He will give you a blank eye and say: No. Some girls may not be able to stand up to the boys, but this is exactly what they can’t hold. How to deal with it: At this time, just be quiet and take it with them. 4, self-pity, self-harm, self-injury. There are also some boys who like to play the role of “self-mutilation”. When they are jealous, they ran out to drink and drink. They smoked decadently and looked up at 45 degrees. In the middle of the night, I ran on the road. Anyway, how to toss how to come, this self-harm will give them a sense of sublimation, let them feel that they are unique. How to deal with it: At this time, it is best for the girl to write a letter of affection to him. How come the art will come, he will be very happy. 5, the words are harsh and indifferent. Some boys often feel very uncomfortable when they see their favorite and favorite girls or their lovers are very close to other boys. They will subconsciously produce strong exclusivity and will have a strong desire to possess. The vast majority will shed a burst of jealousy through different language expressions. The common one is that the speech is particularly harsh and sardonic, and the sarcasm of the language is full of sarcasm. In fact, it is telling the other party’s strong dissatisfaction. Coping method: At this time, it is best for girls to come to a deep hug and let the other party know that their heart has always belonged to him. 6, deliberately talking and laughing in front of you. Some boys will smile and smile, and deliberately pretend to be a relaxed face in front of a beloved girl. They will also be particularly talkative and talkative in front of you. However, in the topic of discussion, he will try to avoid being easily stimulated. People and things, or sensitive topics that can make their own vinegar seas, but his deliberately disguised and can not be seamless, so the traces of jealousy will inadvertently reveal. How to deal with it: At this time, the girl should not say anything extra. Just hold his hand silently and give a look of love. Let it go back to the beginning without words. 7, showing a strong desire to possess. If you talk to your boyfriend about another boy who is better than him, usually the performance of a man will vary from person to person. Most boys will warn their girlfriend: “Don’t take care of him.” And it will interfere more and more strongly with your contact with a particular boy, whether it is work or daily. If you say that he is jealous, he will immediately sink a stinky face and ignore you. How to deal with it: At this time, it is best for girls to tell the boys who are the most loved ones in their own language. 8, often pretend that things do not matter. Sometimes, girls will try to find out if boys like to like themselves. Therefore, they deliberately praise other boys in front of boys. Usually, boys will use the attitude of onlookers to warn you: “He is not good at plotting bad intentions”, with a casual The demeanor tells him the shortcomings of privacy. Perhaps, you can’t see any jealousy from his facial expressions, even seeing a look of indifference. How to deal with it: Girls can mention a certain time at this time. The girl who is more in contact with him shows a jealous look. At this time, the boys will be very happy. Men and women must pay attention to personal behavior in their lives. Especially in this open age, if you have a partner around you and keep a strong distance with other opposite sex, sometimes it will cause misunderstanding, sometimes it will make you fall. It is not a good thing for the opposite sex to the family. Some women feel insecure because of their inner feelings, so they feel that they care about themselves when they are jealous. This kind of trick can cause two people’s feelings to crack.