Female underwear for psychological connection between men and women

For men, women who completely de-exposed bare sex organs are far less sexy than women wearing sexy underwear. The basic reason may be that humans are too close to the excretory organs, and there is a contradictory mentality that wants to welcome and refuse. Cultural restrictions, people have a sense of shame on sex. Sex, it is a wonderful thing. When a boy is very young, he will vibrate because he sees the body of his mother or sister. I look at “Crayon Shinchan”, although I would hate him for treating women’s impoliteness as cute, and I don’t like the author (big man) deliberately sinning his subconscious by using Xiaoxin, the little devil. However, it is a good smile for Xiaoxin, who often squats at the bottom of a girl or a female teacher. This is true of the experience of male generation, and it has never been too late to peek at women’s underwear. Among all women’s clothing, underwear is the last line of defense, but also the end of men’s sexual fantasies. After this battle, he entered the room and officially entered the real world by fantasy. Therefore, women’s underwear is in the strongest state to the extent of sexual temptation, which is more than the bra. The panties, to put it bluntly, are a small piece of cloth covering the sex device. Women wear it for health, protection and security, but at the same time they satisfy narcissism and temptation of the opposite sex like a bra. Because, if purely for health and safety, you don’t have to spend so much time on your underwear. $SplitPage$ Underwear is like a bra. It is also lace, carved, hollowed out, transparent or translucent. The purpose is to create a kind of glare that makes a woman fascinated by her body, so that a man can imagine and be so excited that he will be quick to take off. For men, women who completely de-exposed bare sex organs are far less fascinating than wearing charming women. The reason may be that humans are too close to the excretory organs, there is a contradictory mentality that wants to retreat, plus culture. Restricted, people have a sense of shame on the sex device. In addition, the most powerful is to let men in a peek mind to satisfy the overall shape of the dark cloud that is faintly visible in the translucent or fully transparent fabric. This is why men who have fetishes (underwear) are going to steal women’s underwear or buy plain underwear for fun. They like to hide the underwear that once wrapped the female genitals, secretly imaginative genius, more than like to directly see or touch the genius itself. The glamorous trousers invented in the modern era have completely disappeared from practicality and become commodities that are purely intended to satisfy the imagination of men. The small panties are small to T-shaped, and there are cracks into small holes in the middle. Some female genitals that men can see from the seams or holes are more sensational, stimulating and full of sensation than wearing the whole nakedness. What men see is not the real female body, but their own desires. Women know that men’s sexuality is very strange, but they are also very willing to cooperate. They provoke men to think about their sexuality and even sexual fanaticism, as a game, a psychological “stimulus-response” experiment, and then get a sense of accomplishment from this experiment, of course, and thus get pleasure. Women are absolutely not willing to cure men with such disabilities. They prefer men to indulge in it to facilitate sexual manipulation of men. In this way, why do our vast numbers of cadres like Cheng Kejie fall under their skirts and find the answer. So, women choose what underwear to buy and wear every day. What underwear is in it, they know that wearing underwear is not only for health and safety, but also for the possibility of suddenly stimulating men and being taken off at any time. Therefore, the underwear became the most intimate and intimate gift for men to give to women. When a man chooses this gift for his girlfriend or wife, he sends the sexual fantasies as added value. He chose the style that best excites him, and hopes that the gift will be returned to his own interests (sexual satisfaction). And a woman who is fascinated by her husband or boyfriend to send herself to her is a satisfying feeling that a man treats her as her closest lover. When she puts on the underwear that she has brought, and sticks to her most intimate and sensitive part, she will imagine how the males will sexually fantasize about themselves and have sexual excitement and pleasure. Therefore, they will be satisfied at the same time physically and psychologically. In the book “The Temptation under the Skirt”, Ueno Chizuko particularly emphasizes that women’s underwear is not only for men’s sexual appeal, but also for satisfying narcissism. She knows that men can’t understand women’s narcissism for their own body. If not, how are the various types of underwear being consumed? “In the theater without the audience’s skirt, it is the only woman’s kingdom. If you don’t know women to yourself The body has a self-image privileged narcissism, it is impossible to understand the mystery of women’s underwear.” The psychological connection between women’s underwear and men and women is still mysterious.