Inventory will cause women to derail

Everyone has the experience that women are more fickle than men, and this is the case in daily life, especially in terms of sex life. Women don’t care too much about their sexual abilities when they first start to fall in love, but when they get along for a long time, when they slowly lose their sense of freshness, they will ask their lover to try to make some changes, and hope to make themselves through these changes. The sexual life restores the passion of the year. If the boyfriend can’t do this, they will have dissatisfaction and even derailment. In real life, even married women can’t stand the attraction of attractive men, and when they are long, they will have the idea of ​​derailing. This phenomenon is only one of the reasons for women’s derailment, and there are many other factors that can lead to derailment. There are several reasons for women’s derailment: The reason for genetics has been studied by experts. The reason why women are good at deception is mainly from heredity, and the cause of female fickle is also related to genes. To control the impact of this innate condition, we need to improve the quality of our sexual life. Even if women have such an idea in essence, we can let them find a sense of security through reasonable sex and dispel the idea of ​​derailment. Irregular menstruation requires effective ways to achieve contraceptive effects when we are not ready for childbirth. Among them, controlling the time of sex life is a good way. However, if a woman’s menstruation does not have a certain regularity, as a man, she does not know when it is appropriate to have a sexual relationship with her lover. Therefore, the number of sexes in a month will be very small. When women’s sex hormones are secreted at a certain time, and when the boyfriend is not around, the probability of their derailment will increase. There is no common interest in each other. To maintain a good relationship, you need constant communication. The correct way of communication can solve many contradictions between husband and wife, and the premise of having good communication is to have common interests. Many couples find that they have no common interest before they get married, so they rarely communicate and rarely talk to their loved ones about their interests. In fact, the interest of this thing can be slowly cultivated through the efforts of the day after tomorrow. Even if we have no common interest before we get married, we can discover our interest in certain things through later efforts. When a woman’s sexual desire is the strongest sexual desire is the key factor to ensure the quality of sexual life. Many women complain that there is no sexual interest in sexual life. This is because there is no sexual desire, because only sexual desire is enough to make sex more passionate, but Everyone’s sexual desire is different, and people are at different ages Will also show different sexual desires, then what age group has the highest sexual desire? Here I will tell you when the peak of women’s sexual desire is. The “Honeymoon Peak” in the first year of the wedding is not necessarily the grave of love. It may be the legal “firewire” that enters the peak of love. From the two emotions (the love before marriage) to the skin blindness (sexual behavior after marriage), it is a qualitative leap in sexual activity. The happiness, security, mutual trust, and the freshness and exploration of sexual life are the psychological foundations of the “honeymoon peak”. Although many women can’t experience the orgasm in the initial stage after marriage. However, in an atmosphere full of tenderness and love, driven by sexual instinct, they still feel very happy about sex life, actively and wholeheartedly engaged in the sex life after the wedding. Therefore, for most couples, the frequency of sexual life in the first year of marriage is probably the highest in life. There is a poem saying that “the first night of the new marriage, seven nights” (seven times a night) is the exaggerated and vivid portrayal of this peak. The “freedom peak” of creating new life At the beginning of the marriage, due to the arrangement of family plans, many young couples do not want to have children for the time being. They need to take contraceptive measures in their sexual life, and more or less bring some freedom to their sexual activities. influences. Once they decide to give birth to a baby, they will be freed from the ideological burden of fear of unplanned pregnancy and liberated from certain contraceptive measures that affect the coherence of sexual activity. The kind of unrestrained, carefree, easy and free input, the excitement and excitement of creating new life, often brings a second peak of passion to women. If you are taking contraceptive pills, because the contraceptive pill often inhibits the production of its own sex hormones, the use of contraceptive pills will increase the amount of sex hormones produced by them, thereby increasing sexual desire. After pregnancy, in the third to sixth months after pregnancy, a large increase in sex hormones in the body, as well as increased blood flow in the sex organs and breasts, can also lead to increased sexual desire. People will know that the peak of sexual desire is about twenty years old. In the 30s and 40s, sexual desire will gradually become more talkative, and sexual ability will gradually gradually Go downhill. When many women are in their 30s and 40s, their sexual desires often go uphill and form a clear contrast with men. The folks often use a kind of admirable tone like a wolf like a tiger to describe a woman at this stage. I don’t know if I thought it was sexual enthusiasm. In fact, women’s lust in this period is high, it has its physiological and psychological foundation, and it is completely normal. Romantic second spring “like the tiger peak” forty-something women, often husband and wife two People have a successful career, family income is very rich, and children have grown up. They can be partially or completely freed from the family services such as buying, washing, burning, and caring for children. They begin to focus on taking care of themselves and satisfying themselves, thus entering a romantic “The second spring.” The low quality of sexual life is only one of the reasons for women’s derailment, and there are many reasons for women to have such phenomena. In the prevention, you need to analyze from multiple angles to find the best way to prevent your girlfriend from derailing. Sexual love is carried out when a woman’s sexual desire is high. Men must know how to make her feel better. We must do our best to make her a blessing and love her well.