Men are most afraid of six characteristics of women

The relationship between men and women is mainly because the two sides can attract each other to make the two strangers become the closest couple, but when they are together, as the time of interaction becomes stronger, the more they know each other And the contradictions that will arise at this time have increased relatively. Some couples may even have some qualitative changes to this relationship over time. For men, if their girlfriends have the following characteristics, That will definitely make men shun. The men say they like freshness, but they also worry about when women have these conditions. Men are most afraid of women’s six characteristics 1: Phone, message has not stopped Some girls talk about love will be like a detective possession, according to three meals greetings, more exaggerated and also added to stay up late. The typical content of a heavy girl’s serial call is nothing more than “What are you doing?” “Where are you?” This boring content. It is said that boys and girls, the structure of the natural brain is different. The idea of ​​how long it takes to contact once is different. For boys, this kind of excessive concern is not just love at best. 2: A strong desire for marriage is a woman who is suitable for marriage. It will be very urgent for the “marriage”. It seems that there is no such shop after the village. I completely forget that this will only scare away the contacts. For those men who don’t want to get married, this is a big girl. Maybe it’s not a good idea, but it’s a good thing to have a marriage. It’s a happy thing for a family, but marriage is a big deal for boys. From then on, he became the pillar of the family and must be responsible to the family, so it is necessary to think clearly, so that the constant hint is just to put pressure on them. 3: Is the mother is not a girlfriend, as the saying goes, the man wants the girlfriend is not the old mother, and most of the girls who put this sentence into the psychological have a happy life. Some girls will take care of their boyfriends as their sons, like what to eat for three meals or when they go to their boyfriend’s house, they will wash their clothes and brush the toilet. A popular saying on the Internet, it is not unreasonable to take care of your boyfriend as a son and be careful to come back to talk with you. On the other hand, when you are doing these things, it means that your boyfriend is not clean or lazy, but it is actually hurting their self-esteem. The most brilliant girl knows what it means to be up to the point. If you feel confused, don’t go or don’t see it. You have to know that doing more will not be of any benefit to you. 4: Communication = Marriage is a good thing to be in love, but it is also necessary to know how to meet the difference before you can live together to enter the next stage. The so-called ideal object varies from person to person. If you just marry for marriage, there will be other problems, girls! Don’t worry about getting married, please think twice! 5: Negative women are also complaining in addition to their negative thoughts. When some girls see their boyfriends, they are not chilling. They complain about their work and complain to their boss colleagues. This kind of girl is really scary. My boyfriend is also very tired and needs to appease your emotions. If you have been a long time, no one will be able to stand it. A lot of love will be ground to zero or just to say that you are completely ignorant of the boyfriend’s mood is also very bad. 6: Expectation for the other party is too high Sometimes the appropriate pressure is help but too much will only make people want to escape. It is easy for girls to add all their expectations to their boyfriends when they love someone too much. Or a fanciful attack, I feel that my boyfriend should give a surprise or give a gift on Valentine’s Day or Christmas or birthday. If you don’t, you will get crazy and feel that your boyfriend has no heart. This expectation of too much for the other half is also a kind of heavy woman. Four types of women who are easy to be lame. Type 1: I like to make my boyfriend jealous. When my favorite boyfriend or husband is jealous, it will give you a sense of pleasure. However, deliberately uploading photos with male friends and so on, it is not acceptable for a boyfriend or husband to be jealous. When the other party feels unhappy, it is possible to deliberately travel with other women in retaliation, and there are also situations in which they actually develop into an affair. Therefore, the act of making the other party overly jealous must also pay attention. 2: If you are in a little devilish way of using your own love skills, people who like to lure men like playing games should pay attention. Because for the other party, you may be just a part of his game. If it is a game, if you win, you will want to challenge the next game. In other words, even if you develop to socialize, you may be looking for the next goal during your interaction. 3:2 There is a clear master-slave relationship between the people, and all the things that are in the lower position are the other party’s final say. At home, you have to cook for him to eat. When you eat outside, you have to look at his mood to make a decision. A complete master-slave relationship like this must also be noted. It is very dangerous when there is a master-slave relationship with the other party and you are in the lower position. This is because your attitude towards him will always be in a “prepared state.” The charm of people is produced in the most natural circumstances. If you let the other person find that he is always in a state of cooperation, for him, the time with you will become very boring. In addition, when you have an idea like “I don’t match him”, you may behave in a humble manner. In this way, he may feel that you do not have your own personality, and naturally will be interested in other women, leading to an affair. 4: I always suspect that he has an affair and feel uneasy, often want to find Those who show signs of the other party’s affliction are also not good. If you have nothing to do, you should observe the other person’s words and deeds or confirm the other’s itinerary. Gradually, for the other party, the time with you will become the source of pain. Over time, you will be tired of the relationship with you, and naturally will be thrown into the arms of other women. Summary: If a general woman has the above situation, then the man will definitely shun you. Whether they are men or women, they do not want their freedom to be controlled. This will make them feel tired. Although you two are one, you should not interfere with your personal freedom, but the premise here is to let yourself The other half is more reassuring, the sixth sense of women is more sensitive, they are also more sensitive, when men are a little bit swaying, they can’t hold them, so they are the biggest protection for women, of course they will not Become suspicious.