Four major differences in psychology between men and women

No matter how open the people are, they have a deep impression on the first night. After all, this is a sacred moment for everyone to mature into adulthood. Although the morning and evening, the first sexual experience is always special. No matter how hot the mouth may be, it will always leave memories in the depths of my heart. But men are not the same as women. The physiological structure makes them have different feelings and associations about sex. Therefore, the psychological gap between men and women is very large. A look is particularly strange, boys do not want to be their own. Regardless, lose to a woman who loves or does not love. And the idea that girls want to leave their first husband to the future is nothing. Therefore, the boys after the loss are fulfilled; the girls who are lost will be sad. Regardless, lose to a man who loves or does not love. Boys are proud of being virgins, and girls are proud of being virgins. The two excited boys are more excited, they will recollect every detail of the lost. Even, I am particularly eager to go to bed next time. This state of excitement will last for a long time. After the girl loses her body, there will be a change of one hundred and eighty degrees in her mood. Don’t talk about excitement, they are low, depressed, and can’t be added. Regardless of how open the woman’s sexuality is, I care very much about myself for the first time. The three inputs are the first, and men are much more engaged than women. Boys will be more nervous about their performance and will allow the other party to enter a climax. So no matter what the bed technique is, it will work hard until the best. Girls are different and have nothing to do with restraint. For the first time, girls are more passive. She loves each other and does her best to cooperate. Let them launch an attack, then it will be broken down. The four forgetting rate is undeniable, boys may not remember the first night lover. Her good or bad, not bad, was quickly updated by the memory of the bed. Boys are even more reluctant to face the first night lover, who generally think that their performance was too bad. And girls, seldom forget their first night lover. After all, he changed her from a girl to a woman. Even from this day, the girls are still obsessed. The difference in psychology between men and women depends largely on the differences in the physiological functions of both men and women. But for many men and women, the first night is secret and great, so it is hard to forget, but the loss of love is the one with each other. Really.