What do couples feel easy to feel wronged?

The grievances are encountered in love. When two people get along, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and bumps. In fact, in sex, there will inevitably be grievances. What are the grievances of men and women? In general, We all hope to be able to get a complaint, because the more you feel in your heart, the more uncomfortable you are in your heart. If you have aggrieved in your heart, but you don’t say it in your mouth, it will directly affect the relationship between the two sexes. The “grievances” in the man’s heart: “We don’t think about sex all day, there is no love in our hearts.” 90% of men think that this is the biggest misunderstanding of women, in fact, men’s inner desire and the loved ones are one, They believe that sex is the most concrete way to express love, and it is more passionate and actionful than “I love you.” Let the beloved woman get satisfaction in bed is that the man is saying “I love you.” “We are not ignoring the foreplay, we always want to drive straight in.” Men’s sexual desires are not to be satisfied by making love. Especially mature men, they need more emotional exchanges. Sometimes, what men are asking for is hugging, kissing, or talking about words of concern. “We are not born to be strong.” The survey shows that 60% of men believe that “always asking for sexual requirements will reduce their desire for sex life”. Many times, men hope that the other half can take the initiative to bring them to a climax. “Looking at beautiful women does not mean that we are lascivious.” Seeing beauty is a man’s nature, but it does not mean that this man is fancy and lustful. Women don’t want to be angry because of this. If you really care, remind them in good faith. The “grievances” in the woman’s heart: “We don’t always love men and don’t talk about hygiene.” If men don’t pay attention to cleaning before sex, it is easy for women to suffer from gynecological diseases. Women’s cleansing of men is actually a sexual suggestion. They want to be fully engaged in sex and no longer worry about health issues. “We are not asking too much for the foreplay.” Women regard the gentle foreplay as a thoughtful expression of a man, kissing, hugging, and touching, which will make women feel deep love. However, as long as men cherish them, short foreplay and even no foreplay, they can accept. “After sex, we still want to chat, it is not unsatisfied.” After sex, the man fell asleep and there was always a sense of loss in the woman’s heart. In fact, women do not let him sleep, just hope to have a hug and some warmth. “We don’t pay much attention to sex time.” In women’s view, sexual ability is not simply “hardness” and “time”. Paying attention to women’s feelings and allowing them to achieve both spiritual and physical satisfaction is a manifestation of sexual ability. It is what women want. In fact, many things can be exchanged, especially the receipt of the committee.