The most interesting affair between married men and women

Married men and women often have their own unique tacit understanding, and have their own characteristics for the expression of love and sex. For example, in general, they will not express their love naked, but suggest each other through some awkward language, special eyes or actions. Only by letting the other party understand and get used to these sexual signals can they enhance their tacit understanding and coordination in their sexual life, otherwise it will easily lead to misunderstanding. Some wives put on sexy pajamas after bathing and sprayed their husband’s favorite perfume on her husband. Some wives still lie in bed watching TV while working overtime or writing at their desks, while their husbands are still lying in bed after lying in bed. This actually shows that she has a desire to court. On the contrary, when the husband or wife turns around or puts his head in the pillow, he can lie down sideways. Send a message: “Oh, I really want to sleep, I am tired.” This is a clear message, I don’t want to have sex. At the same time, when the husband sees his wife undressing before going to bed, he can detect sexual signals. If she takes off her pajamas and bras in front of you or next to you, this is a clear sign of courtship; if she carefully takes off her clothes in front of the closet, she usually doesn’t want to have sex. Men tend to express their sexual desire more openly, usually embracing or directly stimulating sensitive parts, such as the breast, to express their sexual desire. Women are more subtle. Many times, women, especially young women, actively kiss or hug their husbands, perhaps just expressing love rather than sexuality. Sexual expression between husband and wife is also important, because even couples rarely express their desire for sex in a clear language. This requires creating a “sex secret language” that both sides can accept and understand. Some couples will say “work tonight”, “practice tonight”, “do homework tonight”, “good evening” and so on. This is a response when the other party makes a positive and implicit response. Love couples have their own sexual signals and should also create their own sexual signals.