Sexual life attitudes of men and women after marriage at 40 years old?

Many people will have this experience. When they are young, they feel energetic and have a strong desire to make love. But when they are 40, they no longer have passion. They are not interested in sex, or just deal with it, and even feel disgusted. what happened? Let us now understand it. Why do you hate sex life after 40? May be related to these five reasons! Reason 1. After the age of 40, the couple will become younger and younger. They usually take a lot of pressure. They must not only bear the pressure of work, but also face the pressure of family life. If the pressure is too high, it will cause serious damage to their physical and mental health. It not only causes the body’s immune function to decline, but also leads to a variety of chronic diseases, which can lead to decreased sexual desire. It may even lead to a decline in sexual function. Reason 2. Hormone levels decline due to age, male friends to 40 years old, androgen secretion levels will decline, female friends’ estrogen levels will also decline, because only enough hormones can improve sexual desire, can improve sexual function, when hormones Decreased levels can lead to low libido and low sexual function. Reason 3. Disease factors Male friends at the age of 40, multiple organ function decline, eat more exercise, easy to be obese. Obesity is the main cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and it is more susceptible to chronic diseases such as liver, kidney, heart and cerebrovascular diseases. These chronic diseases are responsible for the decline in sexual desire and sexual function. Reason 4. The age-increasing factor is not only getting older than the 20-year-old couple, but also weakens the function of the body organs and is more susceptible to various diseases. In this case, sexual desire and sexual function naturally decline, which is a very normal physiological phenomenon. Reason 5. Lack of physical strength As men age, many male friends feel physically exhausted. In the process of sexual life, they will feel that they have more energy and less energy. Because after 40 years old, the energy and physical strength of male friends will decline. In particular, some male friends who have been engaged in manual labor for a long time are overworked during the day and overworked at night, which has not caused people’s interest in sex life. It causes a decline in sexual desire. Remind that after 40 years of age, the decline of sexual desire of couples is a normal physiological phenomenon, but through reasonable conditioning and care, the couple’s body can be in the best state. Then they can rekindle their passion and gain passion and satisfaction in a harmonious sex life.