The four points that the flat support is in conta

The four points that the flat support is in contact with the ground are two arms and two feet. The feet and arms do not need to participate in the force. The waist and abdomen muscles need to be contracted to keep the erect, so the arm exercise is of little value.
The plate support has good exercise value for the rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis muscle, and the internal and external oblique muscles. The plate support is mainly for the abdominal muscles, which is mainly a static contraction exercise, especially the muscular endurance.


Can the flat support support the abdominal muscles?

Of course, if you want to lose your stomach, you need to lose excess fat in your abdomen, or you need to achieve it through aerobic exercise. Therefore, it is recommended to combine aerobic exercise with flat support to achieve the goal of reducing stomach faster.

The plate support is very irritating to the core muscles, which can exercise well to the abdominal muscles, making the abdominal muscles firmer and reducing the dimensions of the abdomen to some extent.

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Can the flat support be thin?

2, the plate support is the core strength training action, can increase the waist and abdomen muscles, the increase of muscle can increase the basal metabolic rate, increase energy consumption, and also consume fat.

1, the plate support exercise needs to consume a certain amount of energy, the energy originally converted into fat is supported by the plate to consume, can reduce the formation of fat.

Can reduce fat.

Can the flat support reduce fat?

Can the flat support reduce fat? When it comes to the core of exercise, one of the actions that has to be mentioned is the flat support. It used to be a popular support game for all major gyms. Although it seems that these games are less, the effect of tablet support is unquestionable. It can exercise to your entire core muscles, whether it is flank, front or waist.