Excessive fat inhibits the absorption of calcium, becau

Excessive fat inhibits the absorption of calcium, because fat and calcium combine to form insoluble calcium, called saponification, and insoluble calcium is excreted by the stool, which affects the absorption of calcium. So don’t eat too greasy, low-salt diet.
3: Eat less greasy food

Do not eat calcium with food, so as not to have chemical changes with oxalic acid in food, try to replenish between meals and half an hour before going to bed.

2: Supplement between meals

Too much supplement at one time, the absorption is not high, so you can eat a small amount of calcium tablets, 2 – 3 times a day. Milk can also be divided into two drinks. In addition, other nutritious tablets you also eat also contain calcium, so you can reduce the intake of calcium tablets in moderation.

1: a small number of times

Calcium supplement

Symptom 4: Osteoarthritis, soreness and weakness

Symptom 3: Pregnancy Hypertension Syndrome

Symptom 2: loose teeth

Symptom 1: Calf cramps

Calcium deficiency or excessive calcium supplementation is not good, but overall, there are more pregnant mothers with calcium deficiency. When you have the following symptoms, your calcium deficiency is more serious:

Therefore, calcium supplementation in the third trimester is safe as long as it is not excessive, and it is beneficial to both mother and baby. However, in the third trimester, some pregnant mothers will have constipation. Eating calcium tablets may aggravate constipation. At this time, pregnant moms can choose liquid calcium or calcium with sorbitol to help lubricate the intestines.

As long as it is a reasonable amount of calcium supplement, it will not cause so-called bad delivery. The fetal skull has plasticity. When the childbirth passes through the birth canal, it can change the structure slightly, which is conducive to delivery. This is the reason why many babies have a long head after birth, but after a while, they will reply, and the mother does not have to worry.

Calcium in the third trimester, is the baby not good?

Some pregnant mothers always love to ask: How many calcium tablets do I eat? A few are not the focus, the key is how much calcium is contained in each one, so it is recommended to buy calcium for pregnant women and see the calcium content of each calcium. .

Late pregnancy: Calcium supplementation in the third trimester is also very important. In the third trimester, the bones of the fetus accelerate calcification, so more calcium is needed, so the mother must have enough calcium to meet the needs of fetal development. This is probably needed every day. The amount is 1200 mg, and the pregnant mother can arrange extra calcium supplement according to her own diet.

Mid-pregnancy: From the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus’s demand for calcium increases, and the daily demand for calcium is 1000 mg. At this time, the pregnant mother needs extra calcium supplement. In general, 400 mg can be obtained from the diet, 250 mg can be obtained from a cup of milk, and then 300 mg of calcium can be added to basically meet the needs.

Early pregnancy: The fetus is mainly divided, so the amount of calcium needed is not much. At this time, the pregnant mother does not need extra calcium supplement, normal diet, plus a cup of milk or soy milk.

First, let’s take a look at the amount of calcium that pregnant mothers need during pregnancy.


Do you need calcium supplement during pregnancy? How to make up calcium supplement during pregnancy? Some pregnant mothers say that calcium supplementation in the third trimester will make the skull of the fetus harder. When it is born, it will not work. Is this true? Actually this is Most of the pregnant mothers have a big doubt, the following is a small series to tell you about the problem of calcium supplementation during pregnancy.