If the maternal period is not reached , the pregna

If the maternal period is not reached , the pregnant woman must have a fetus, but because the amniotic membrane that protects the fetus has broken, the bacteria may enter the uterus and infect the fetus, so sex should be avoided at this time.
7, early water break

If the expectant mother finds that her uterus contracts too frequently, in order to avoid premature birth, she should avoid sex and seek medical advice.

6, uterine contraction is too frequent

If the expectant mother has a placenta previa, or the placenta is not tightly connected to the uterus, sexual intercourse may lead to miscarriage. Temporary life should be stopped temporarily, and sexual life can be restored after the situation is stable.

5, when the placenta has problems

In the case of sexual intercourse, the bacteria will be transmitted to the fetus, so sexual life should be prohibited before it is completely cured.

4, expectant mother vaginal inflammation

Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted to pregnant women and fetuses during sexual intercourse , so sexual life should be prohibited before they are completely cured.

3, prospective father has sexually transmitted diseases

If the expectant mother has vaginal bleeding at the time of or after sexual intercourse, or if there is pain in the lower abdomen, check with a doctor. If there is any sign of miscarriage, stop sexual life temporarily.

2. When there is a threat of miscarriage

If the expectant mother has had a miscarriage in the past, the doctor will advise the pregnant woman to ban sex for the first few months of pregnancy until the risk of miscarriage has passed.

1. Experience of abortion in the past

Under what circumstances can you not be in the same room after pregnancy?

After 8 months of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly and the uterus increases significantly. The pregnant woman ‘s stomach will swell rapidly during this period, causing low back pain, body laziness and loss of libido. At this time, husband and wife should reduce their sexual life as much as possible. If you must have sex, you must control, pay attention to your position, and control the frequency and time of your sexual life. The action should not be rude and deep, so as to avoid accidents.

3. Sexual life in late pregnancy

In the middle of pregnancy (about 4 to 7 months of pregnancy), the placenta of pregnant women has formed, pregnancy is more stable, and the response to early pregnancy has passed. At this time , the mood of the pregnant woman began to become more comfortable. Sexual organ secretions also increase, which is a period of high sexual desire. Therefore, couples can enjoy sexual life appropriately. However, it is still necessary to be modest, pay attention to the position and time of sexual life, and avoid affecting the fetus.

2. Sexual life in the middle of pregnancy

During the first 3 months of pregnancy, because the endocrine function of pregnant women changes, the embryo is in the developmental stage, especially the connection between the placenta and the maternal uterine wall is not tight enough at this time. If you are having sex, it may be due to improper movement or excessive excitement. The uterus is shaken, causing the placenta to fall off and bleed, causing miscarriage. Even if you are very careful in your sexual life, it is easy to cause miscarriage due to pelvic congestion and uterine contraction.

1. Sexual life in early pregnancy

What should I pay attention to in the same room after pregnancy?

Sexual life in the second trimester is appropriate 1-2 times a week. It is worth noting that sexual life during pregnancy should be based on emotional prenatal education. Therefore, a comfortable sex life fully integrates love and sexual desire. A considerate sexual life can promote the marital relationship, so that the pregnant woman ‘s mood is happy and full of emotions.

As long as everything is normal during pregnancy, you don’t need to worry too much about the same room during pregnancy. In fact, even if you take the male position AA when you are in the same room during pregnancy, it will not hurt your baby in your belly. A thick mucus plug enclosed in the cervix can help fight off infection. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus will also protect the little ones in your stomach.

2. Will the same room hurt the fetus during pregnancy?

In addition, women’s requirements for sexual life and sexual response are reduced after pregnancy because of changes in endocrine function, early pregnancy response and the impact on the embryo. Therefore, it is best not to be in the same room at the beginning of pregnancy.

From a medical point of view, sexual life during pregnancy is not prohibited. Healthy and moderate sexual life can not only enhance the intimate feelings of husband and wife, but also experience the happiness of sexual intercourse, and it also helps to promote the development of the fetus. However, it should be noted that it is best not to have the same room in the first trimester and the third trimester, and to have the same room in the second trimester.

1. Can you still have the same room after pregnancy?


Sexual life is part of the husband and wife life, can you still have the same room after pregnancy? Many expectant mothers during pregnancy worry about the damage to the fetus in the same room, so they are forbidden to have their husbands in the same room during pregnancy. In fact, this is a physical and psychological injury to men. Very large, then can you share the same room during pregnancy?