Production method: 400 grams of chicken clear sou

Production method: 400 grams of chicken clear soup in the pot, add corn bran, MSG, salt, sugar, mix thoroughly and boil, add 20 grams of wet starch into the soup nest (scorpion). Brush the pot, add the chicken clear soup, transfer into the spinach puree, add 3 grams of MSG, 2 grams of salt, and add the wet starch to the sputum. Use a flat spoon


to fill the corn in the soup bowl and make it into a Tai Chi. Then use a spoonful of 1 spoonful of corn glutinous rice in the taiji fisheye on the side of the vegetarian dish. Use 1 teaspoon of the remaining vegetarian dish in the small spoon to serve at the taiji fisheye on the side of the corn glutinous rice.

Ingredients: 1 barrel of canned corn, 50 grams of spinach puree, 500 grams of Western-style chicken clear soup, 8 grams of MSG, 5 grams of refined salt, 2 grams of sugar, 30 grams of wet starch

2, Tai Chi corn Tianhe

Production method: the carrot and rapeseed leaves are further divided into 1.3 cm square Ding and tablets. Put the tofu into the boiling water pot and let it pass, and remove it too cold. It is also cut into 1.3 cm square. Put the wok on the fire and heat it. Put in the base oil, heat the oil, and add the tofu. When it is fried in yellow, add the milk and the fresh soup. After boiling, turn to a small fire and cover the simmer until the water and milk blend. When the time is over, turn on the hot, add the scalded carrot, the rapeseed leaves, and use the spatula to push it evenly, then use the raw powder to thin the sputum and put it into the dish.

Ingredients: 1 tofu, 25 grams of milk, 10 grams of carrot rapeseed, peanut oil, raw flour, fresh soup

1, milk tofu

Nine months baby food supplement recipe

A 9-month-old baby can speak or utter a certain syllable; he can say a word and express his actions, such as saying “No”, waving his hand, “This, that”, pointing at something; hearing a familiar voice When you can sing along; you can understand more words than you think.

4. Language and social skills

9 months of baby’s thumb and forefinger can pick up small things; can use fingers to pick things up, such as smashing the tabletop, smashing the wall; drinking with a cup of drinking; grabbing things with your hands; colliding things with each other; Pour out the jujube in the cup;

3, fine motor skills

The 9-month-old baby can skillfully crawl between the two feet; he can move from the crawling position to the sitting position and then from the sitting position to the climbing position; he can also lie down from the sitting position to the lying position instead of passively. Fall down; can hold the furniture up; when the current item is attracted, the baby’s body can begin to lift in the kneeling position and climb to the favorite item.

2, gross motor skills

The 9-month-old baby will alternately crawl on both feet and can hold things to stand. You can grab the railing and stand up from your seat. You can stand on the side of your seat and step on your feet. It can also be changed from sitting down to being in a lying position, instead of falling down passively; adults can stand up and sit up, and they can sit for more than 10 minutes.

1, the main skills

9 months baby’s growth and development characteristics


The children with exercise retardation are evaluated by the rehabilitation physician at the child rehabilitation center, and individualized rehabilitation training begins after the rehabilitation training program is formulated. Mainly sports training, pediatric massage, language cognitive training, sensory integration training, etc., supplemented by some drugs to promote growth and development, usually a course of 2 months, treatment of 2-3 courses.

3. What should I do if my baby is developing?

Generally, premature infants or babies who have had hypoxia, pathological jaundice, malnutrition, and intracranial hemorrhage are more prone to motor development retardation than other normal babies. If the baby has experienced the above situation, parents should pay more attention to the baby’s exercise development, and seek medical advice if there is any abnormality.

2. Which babies are prone to motor development retardation?

1.5, baby’s “rocket legs”: the baby’s legs are strong due to the strength of the muscles, most of the calves are somewhat curved, this is a normal physiological curvature, after the baby is three or four years old, the tibia is extended, the calf will not be so curved, no need Over-consideration.

1.4, do not miss the critical period of adding solid food: If you do not give your baby solid food, the baby will have difficulty eating in the future.

1.3, do not be “modest” for the baby: If someone praises the baby, you may subconsciously modestly say some of the baby’s shortcomings, this time it is possible to sown in the baby’s little mind to denounce their own seeds.

1.2, the benefits of walking barefoot: walking barefoot can promote the development of the baby’s foot, ankles, legs muscles, so parents should create more conditions for the baby to walk barefoot, but be careful not to let the baby catch cold.

1.1, the ability to exercise lag behind timely medical treatment: If you still can not stand alone this month, please take the baby to see a doctor. Most babies can stand away from the squats and some babies can’t walk alone. Although they can walk a few steps forward, they will fall if they don’t meet Mom and Dad.

1, 9 months baby development standards

9 months baby development standard


9-month baby development standards mothers understand? Baby’s growth and development is the family’s concern, for fear that the baby will fall behind other children. Xiao Bian tells you, in fact, parents do not have to be so nervous, because each baby’s development will be different, when you find that your baby is not well developed, you don’t have to worry too much. Let’s take a look at the developmental standards of the baby for 9 months. Let’s go!