2, delay the baby’s cough time. Parents will rely on th

2, delay the baby’s cough time. Parents will rely on their own accumulated methods to treat their baby for the first time. This is understandable, but sometimes the baby always has a mild cough, does not have a fever and does not


have a runny nose. Parents will think that this is not serious, or it has been treated. However, if your baby coughs for more than four weeks, be sure to go to the hospital for a doctor to diagnose and treat. Do not delay. Don’t be too hasty, frequent doctors and drugs.

1, eager to stop cough, cough is a common disease in young children, and will be very obvious in the baby. Seeing how your baby can’t breathe, how can parents not feel bad? ‘So I rushed to apply antitussive drugs, and I want to keep my baby from coughing in a short time. But this is often counterproductive. As everyone knows, cough is one of the body’s defensive reflexes. It can excrete foreign bodies and secretions in the respiratory tract. Therefore, coughing does not need to be anxious to stop coughing. While taking the sputum medicine, add more water to the baby to make the sputum thinner, which is good for the baby to drain.

Baby’s misunderstanding of coughing

2, lung cold cough. Cold in autumn or winter, cold or sudden cold caused by cough, long-term unhealed, heavy day and night, coughing, sputum, white, thin, then clear, neglected, weak pulse, pale tongue, white, fingerprint dim. Treatment with warm lungs and cold, phlegm and cough. The party uses winter flowers and five drinks: winter flower 10g, coix seed 10g, loquat leaf 15g, alfalfa 6g, glutinous rice shell 6g. Decoction, with the former regimen. Yin deficiency and dry cough. Symptoms see cough for a long time, dry cough without sputum, or sputum less sticky, not easy to squirm, thirsty throat, itching hoarse, hands and feet heart heat, afternoon low fever, constipation, pulse count, red tongue, little moss, fingerprint Purple blue. Governance to clear the lungs and nourish yin, phlegm and cough.

1, wind and heat cough. Symptoms of fever, runny nose, cough, snoring in the throat, vomiting jaundice, day and night light, urine yellow red, dry stool, pulse floating number, thick red tongue coating, fingerprint red purple. Treatment to clear the wind and clear the lungs, phlegm and cough. Fang Yushihua soup: raw gypsum 30g, houttuynia 10g, honeysuckle 10g, jellyfish powder 10g, almond 10g, Qianhu 10g, Fritillaria 6g, orange red 6g, wood butterfly 6g. Shuijianbi, 1 day, decoction 2 times to take about 200ml of juice, 3 to 4 times serving, add less sugar as a guide. (suitable for 5 years old).

Kind of cough in children

Can not eat cold food, should not eat cold drinks or frozen drinks when coughing. At this time, if the diet is too cold, it is easy to cause lung occlusion, the symptoms are aggravated, and it will not heal for a long time. Can not eat sweet and sour food, sour food often converge, so that it is not easy to cough up, resulting in aggravating the condition, making the cough difficult. When the cough is serious, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, etc. should not be eaten. Eating sweets will also help the heat, making the inflammation difficult to cure. Folks have the habit of “raw pear stewed rock sugar” to treat cough. This kind of eating is not appropriate for the initial stage of coughing.

3, baby cough vomiting can not eat anything

Shedan Chuanbei liquid is a common drug for the treatment of cough in babies, and it works better with stewed pears. Shedan Chuanbei liquid has the effect of dispelling wind and relieving cough, removing phlegm and dispersing stasis, attending symptoms such as wind-heat cough, cough and phlegm, and should not be used for cough, white sputum, and heavy sun caused by cold. Compound ointment has the effects of clearing the lungs, relieving cough, and removing phlegm. It is suitable for symptoms such as wind-heat cough, dry throat, and coughing. Fresh bamboo remedy is cold, has the effect of clearing away heat and moistening the lungs, relieving phlegm and relieving cough. It is suitable for dry cough and phlegm and blood stasis. It is not suitable for taking cold and cough. Xiaoer Huayu Zhike Granule can be used to treat cough and sputum caused by bronchitis in children.

2, baby cough, vomiting, what cough syrup

The child suddenly coughs very seriously and has difficulty breathing. There may be foreign bodies blocking the trachea. Some things that are easy to be swallowed are peanuts, pencil cases, pills, buttons, coins, etc. This kind of situation is very dangerous and should go to the hospital in time. High fever, cough, wheezing and difficulty breathing, need to be immediately sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Babies are prone to bronchiolitis, a form of pneumonia. The child’s face is not good, often purple, or breathing faster, shoulder breathing, plus the lower part of the chest wall when inhaling, should also be sent to the hospital for treatment.

1, how to do baby cough and vomiting

What should I do if my baby coughs and vomits?


Because the baby’s own resistance is poor, often there are symptoms of cold and cough, especially in the winter, then what should the baby cough and vomit? Generally, the baby cough and vomit are mostly hot and cold cough, the main symptoms of fever and cough are fever and hooliganism. Cough, vomiting jaundice, etc., once the baby is suffering from wind-heat cough, it must be treated in time, otherwise it will become more and more serious. Let’s take a look at the hot cough.