In the event of breast cancer in pregnancy, pregnant

In the event of breast cancer in pregnancy, pregnant women need to avoid excessive radiation doses, assisted radiation and other postpartum treatment, but until the second trimester, usually can be treated with chemical drugs, most of which will not lead to teratogenesis, can be discussed with the physician. Regarding the medical


treatment of breast cancer in pregnancy, whether it is necessary to induce labor, in fact, it is related to the number of weeks of pregnancy and the severity of the disease, and should be discussed clearly with the doctor.

Pregnant women suffer from breast cancer, how to treat

How to avoid the threat of breast cancer?  You must know these things!

Ordinary food or food will not eat excessive amounts of soy isoflavones; as for some people think that dairy products may also be associated with breast cancer formation or recurrence, in fact, as long as the appropriate consumption of low-fat dairy products, and eat more vegetables, balanced diet, no need Excessive worry.

There are many people who use “hormone products, yam and other foods that contain plant hormones, and worry about increasing the risk of breast cancer and eat soy products.” Doctors believe that they do not dare to eat foods such as soy products or yam, a normal, balanced diet. It will not increase the prevalence of breast cancer, and even vegetarians should not worry about the use of soy products. Unless you have taken too much extraction and purification of soy isoflavones without the instructions of your doctor, it is possible to exceed the hormones that the body can afford.

Bean products, dairy products, YesorNo

As for fibrous cysts, it does not increase the risk of breast cancer, but it will increase the difficulty of doctors in image interpretation. It is recommended that the patient should continue to follow up in the same hospital. It is equally easy to interpret with the same consistency.

Early detection of treatment in recent years, the probability of retaining the breast is very high (traditional is full breast resection), and then with radiation therapy. And early detection, the cure rate is also very high.

The prevention methods of cancer in daily life are mostly the same. In simple terms, they have a healthy life, including regular exercise habits, adequate sleep, balanced diet, not too much stress and too many negative emotions, and more broccoli, etc. Cruciferous vegetables, of course, regular screening is also important.

How to prevent

How to avoid the threat of breast cancer?  You must know these things!

Special reminder, if there is a family history of breast cancer, do breast photography every 2 years over 40 years old; if there is no family history of breast cancer, do breast photography every 2 years over 45 years old. The examination method is mainly based on mammography, and then assisted by breast ultrasound. If the doctor judges that there is abnormality, it must be sliced ??and tested to confirm the diagnosis.

Most of the cancers have no symptoms and do not necessarily feel pain. In recent years, self-touch check has not been advocated, but regular screening is advocated, because if you can touch the hard breast cancer, most of them are in the middle and late stage (but even if you touch the hard block, you don’t need to be nervous, many hard blocks are only benign masses such as fibrous cysts. Still according to the doctor’s examination and judgment).

Symptoms, screening and diagnosis

Risk factors for breast cancer include a family history (within third-degree relatives, if there is breast cancer, may be a high risk), or related to hormonal stimulation (the menstrual period starts very early, such as before the age of 12 years old; or very late menstruation For example, after the age of 55, it will stop.) If you have never produced or breast-fed, the risk of breast cancer is higher. The prevalence of breast cancer is about 40 to 60 years old, but in recent years there have been more and more young breast cancer cases.

Risk factor

[How to stay away from breast cancer]

How to avoid the threat of breast cancer?  You must know these things!

Breast cancer, female lung cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer are all cancers with a high incidence of females. In addition to risk factors, symptoms and screening methods, this article also asks experts to remind them of prevention methods, and points out that if you suffer from these cancers during pregnancy, how to treat them and the principles to be noted, I hope everyone can stay away from cancer.