It is worth mentioning that the axillary lymph no

It is worth mentioning that the axillary lymph nodes and the lymphatic metastasis of breast cancer (note, not the primary cancer) are indeed closely related. Most of the lymph node metastasis of breast cancer occurs in the axillary lymph nodes, but this is still independent of the so-called “axillary lymph node storage toxins”, but is determined by the lymphatic drainage pathway of the breast.
Rumors also claim that almost all breast cancers occur in the area above the outside of the breast, because this is where the detoxification lymph nodes are located. Clinically, taking the nipple as the origin to draw the horizontal and vertical axes divides the breast into four quadrants, and the outer upper quadrant (near the underarm) has the highest incidence of primary breast cancer. However, the American Cancer Society The explanation for this is that this is probably only because the quadrant has the largest number of breast tissues, and the proportion of the disease is similar to the distribution of breast tissue in the outer upper quadrant, and has nothing to do with lymph.

Axillary lymph nodes and breast cancer

Scraping hair is easy to cause breast cancer?  Do you want to scrape?

Of course, it should be reminded that for those who physically remove the bristles, if the skin is damaged due to improper shaving, it is easy to cause infection and pore blockage, which may have a certain impact on perspiration. Therefore, it is best to use a clean and sharp shaving tool. It is also helpful to fully wet the hair before shaving and to use the lubricating product properly to avoid scratching the skin. Also remember not to share the shaving tools with others.

The sweat glands include both excretion of sweat glands and apocrine sweat glands. Excretion of sweat glands throughout the body, directly on the surface of the skin, wicking function has nothing to do with whether to scrape the hair. The top sweat glands are distributed in the underarms, genitals, areola, etc. The openings communicate with the hair follicles, and the secreted sweat is relatively viscous. This secretion will form a special body odor under the action of bacteria on the surface of the skin. Seriously, we often say Body odor. Since scraping the bristles only shaves the hair on the part of the body surface and does not destroy the deep structure of the hair follicles, the secretion of the sweat glands in the top is also very limited. Many patients with body odor (body odor), even if they remove the mane, are still strong in body odor [7], and they must use the antiperspirant and deodorant to barely cover up the body odor.

“Scraping the bristles will make the perspiration ban” is another “fact” identified in the rumors. But in fact, scraping the hair does not affect the structure of the sweat glands, nor does it hinder perspiration.

Blocking perspiration? Shaving armpits

Scraping hair is easy to cause breast cancer?  Do you want to scrape?

Perspiration is a normal physiological process of the human body. It regulates body temperature, keeps the skin moist, and emits a small amount of metabolic waste. However, more than 99% of sweat is water, and very few of the remaining solutes include minerals, lactic acid, urea and other extremely small amounts of metabolites. Most of these solutes are derived from plasma, but the concentration is much lower than that of urine. Therefore, the so-called “detoxification” effect of sweating is very limited, and it is difficult to cause significant influence on human metabolism by local perspiration.

In addition to liver and kidney, lymph nodes are responsible for eliminating bacteria or other pathogens in the body, as well as removing some substances that are harmful to health. But the mechanism by which lymph nodes clear “toxins” is not sweating but immune-mediated, and metabolites eventually enter the blood system through lymphatic reflux. In fact, the lymph nodes are not directly connected to the sweat glands at all. The sweat glands are present in the skin, not in the lymph nodes.

In modern medicine, it is difficult to find a suitable definition for “detoxification”. If carcinogens are considered “poisonous”, most of the toxins in our body are transported by the blood to the liver or the kidneys are cleared. These “toxins” are either excreted in the feces via bile or excreted in the urine. The “main detoxification areas such as the knee joint, the back of the ear, and the armpit” mentioned in the rumor are really impossible to talk about.

The idioms of many rumors are first to propose a false premise, and then use a seemingly correct logic to reason a wrong conclusion. For example, this rumor firstly identifies that “the perspiration is blocked and the detoxification is blocked, eventually leading to cancer.” “.

Detoxification and perspiration are completely unrelated

Scraping hair is easy to cause breast cancer?  Do you want to scrape?

In the summer, many girls choose to shave their hair because it is unacceptable for them to pull out the lush mane under the camisole. However, there is a saying on the Internet that “scraping hair is easy to cause breast cancer”, it sounds very scary, may wish to analyze.