Above we understand the best fruits for consti

Above we understand the best fruits for constipation. The fruits described above all have some relief effect on constipation. Everyone can choose some fruits that suit their own body according to their actual conditions, which will alleviate the occurrence of constipation.
Nuts containing more fats include walnuts, sesame seeds, and melon seeds, which have certain benefits for the prevention and treatment of constipation.

Vegetables containing more cellulose include fungus, white fungus, shiitake mushrooms, kelp, green vegetables, fungus, pumpkin, etc.

3, apples contain niacin, sometimes not conducive to constipation. Longan is warmer, and people with greater anger will also cause constipation.

2, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and similar to the above-mentioned fruits, raw also have a better laxative effect.

1, pears, peaches, bananas, oranges, citrus, watermelon, cantaloupe, sugar cane, alfalfa and so on. These fruits are generally cold and cold, have the effect of clearing heat and moisturizing the intestines, can directly stimulate the intestines, increase bowel movements, and at the same time contain a variety of vitamins and a large amount of cellulose, while vitamins and cellulose have the effect of preventing constipation.

What is the best fruit for constipation?

What is the best fruit for constipation? Many people now suffer from constipation. Although constipation is not a serious disease, long-term constipation can also cause harm to the body. Therefore, you can eat some fruits to relieve constipation. 1 Must have the right amount of cellulose. 2, eat a certain amount of vegetables and fruits every day, eat apples on an empty stomach sooner or later, or eat 1-3 bananas before each meal. 3 The staple food should not be too fine, you should eat some coarse grains properly. 4 In the morning, drink a cup of light salt water or honey water on an empty stomach. Use abdomen massage or turn your waist to make the water strengthen the laxative effect in the stomach. You should drink more cold water all day to help you relax your bowel. 5 Carry out appropriate physical activity and strengthen physical exercise. Let’s take a look at what constipation eats.