Although endocrine disorders are not serious di

Although endocrine disorders are not serious diseases, they still need to be paid attention to. They must develop a good diet and work habits in life, and play less mobile phones. When it is serious, it is best to go to the hospital for a diagnosis and check against the medicine.
Early-onset white hair may also be an endocrine problem, especially the reduction of sex hormone secretion, which is an important cause of aging.

8, white hair, premature aging

Both male and female, the endocrine system in the body will simultaneously produce and release androgen and estrogen, the difference is that boys have more males and less females, so they will have their own characteristics. When the endocrine disorders in the body, excessive secretion of female androgen, there may be symptoms of hairy hair.

7, the body hair becomes more

More common in menopausal women, often tempered, emotional changes, easy to hot flashes, insomnia and so on.

6, temper is worse

The breast is grown under the secretion of estrogen. Once the endocrine imbalance or disorder occurs, it is easy to form breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.

5, breast disease

Endocrine disorders make the cerebral cortex unable to regulate endocrine, or endometrial damage, insensitive to female hormones, reflexively affect endocrine regulation, reducing the chances of successful pregnancy.

4, may be infertile

High-calorie, high-fat foods, not paying attention to dietary habits and other eating habits, will also have an impact on endocrine. Once the endocrine disorder occurs, it is more likely to become fat.

3, easy to gain weight

Endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, etc., are very common gynecological endocrine diseases.

2, susceptible to gynecological diseases

Sudden allergies or acne on the face, more yellow spots, stains, dark complexion. In this case, no matter how much cosmetics you use, it will not help, because these are caused by adverse effects of external factors when the endocrine is unstable.

1, the skin is worse

Since I know the “endocrine” thing, many people have a acne on their face and they are said to be endocrine disorders, just like the blistering of the lips and the pain of the throat are all on fire. But in fact, we don’t know enough about the consequences of endocrine disorders. Let’s take a unified look at its “power.”

The consequences of endocrine disorders?


Therefore, the mobile phone has more to play, and there is a great possibility that the endocrine will not be adjusted. But what is the solution? After all, most people can’t live without the phone! Or just know it.

The mobile phone is a kind of backlight electronic product that emits short-wave light. It is often used, especially before going to bed. The secretion of melatonin is suppressed, slowed down or stopped.

The reason is that melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland. When night falls and light stimulation is weakened, the amount of melatonin secretion increases; when the light becomes bright, the amount of melatonin secretion decreases.

The study found that after 1 hour of playing the mobile phone, the amount of melatonin reduction in the body was equivalent to one hour in the sun; after playing for 2 hours, the amount of melatonin secretion was greatly reduced.

Some researchers have experimented with “mobile phone affects endocrine.” Let 13 volunteers use mobile phones to read, play games and watch movies to explore the connection between back-screen electronics and melatonin secretion.

Melatonin is an amine hormone secreted by the “pineal body” deep in the human brain. The latest research proves that it is the commander-in-chief that controls the secretion of human body. It controls the activities of various endocrine glands in the body, thereby indirectly controlling our body’s functions.

Before exploring the relationship between mobile phones and endocrine, let’s first come up with a new word, melatonin.

Mobile phone is the new “culprit” of endocrine disorders

When the self-regulation function is abnormal, the whole system’s regulation of the whole body is also chaotic, which is called “endocrine disorders.”

The endocrine system is a body fluid regulation system composed of endocrine glands and endocrine tissues and cells present in certain organs. Its main function is to release hormones and regulate the growth, development, reproduction, metabolism, movement, pathology, aging and other life phenomena of the human body under the control of the nervous system and the feedback of material metabolism, and maintain the relative stability of the human body environment.

What is the endocrine in the end? Endocrine is the secretion of biologically active substances into the body, in contrast to the secretion of a substance through the sweat glands or digestive tract to the outside of the body.


When there is a face acne, dull skin, bad mood, irregular menstrual cycle, etc., you should be alert to this may be a sign of endocrine disorders, how is your endocrine disorder caused? Will give us What are the consequences of life? When the endocrine is out of tune, how to adjust it? Xiaobian will bring these questions for everyone!