Eating moderate amount of spinach during men

Eating moderate amount of spinach during menstruation can prevent iron deficiency anemia and play an important role in blood supplementation. Vitamin E can reduce the production of prostaglandins, inhibit the secretion of painful substances, and help relieve chest pain and abdominal pain.
5, spinach spinach contains a lot of carotene, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, folic acid and a certain amount of iron, vitamin E and many other beneficial ingredients, of which iron is the main component of hematopoiesis, and the body lacks folic acid and easily causes anemia, Carotene is also an element of beneficial blood.

In addition, black fungus also has the effect of nourishing, moistening, nourishing, and promoting blood circulation, which is not only beneficial to nourishing blood, but also cleansing blood and detoxifying, which is beneficial to human health.

4, black fungus Black fungus has a lot of beauty ingredients, of which carotene, has the effect of moisturizing skin and hair; lecithin, which is conducive to the complete consumption of fat in the body, to promote body fat movement, help maintain a well-balanced posture.

In addition, pumpkin contains a large amount of cobalt, which is an important component of red blood cells in the blood. That is to say, eating pumpkin during menstruation can prevent acne and help blood.

3. Pumpkin squash is a kind of vegetable with more zinc. It is very suitable for women who have prolonged acne before or during menstruation. Zinc can reduce the secretion of skin oil and effectively improve long-term acne. And zinc directly affects the function of mature red blood cells.

In addition, corn also contains a lot of mineral magnesium, and magnesium has a certain impact on people’s mood, the body is deficient in magnesium, people’s emotions will become very tense, and thus increase hormone secretion, it is easy to cause dysmenorrhea.

2, corn Corn contains a lot of vitamin E, can promote the body’s metabolism, reduce serum cholesterol, regulate nerve and endocrine function, at the same time, can richen the subcutaneous tissue, so that the skin has elasticity and luster.

The human body lacks vitamin B2, which is prone to mild to moderate iron deficiency anemia and angular keratitis. Eating some carrots during the menstrual period can help the blood, and relieve the emotional instability during menstruation.

1, carrots and carrots contain a large number of beta carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other nutrients, of which beta carotene, has excellent benefits for blood, vitamin B1 has a protective effect on the nervous system, but also promote gastrointestinal motility Increase appetite.


Most women in their lives come to aunts with abdominal pain. In order to alleviate this symptom, most people choose to drink brown sugar water because it can promote the production of red blood cells and ensure the quality of blood in the body. But Xiaobian tells everyone that menstrual pain can not only drink brown sugar water but also eat these five kinds of vegetables!