Many women often use large-absorbent

Many women often use large-absorbent sanitary napkins for their own convenience. This practice is also not recommended. Because the replacement of the sanitary napkin for a long time will result in poor local ventilation, resulting in the proliferation of bacteria, thereby inducing various gynecological diseases.
Misunderstanding 4, blindly pursuing a large absorption of sanitary napkins

Generally speaking, promotional products and gifts are often used for longer inventory time, which makes it difficult to guarantee the quality of the products. Tied products that are tying, such as materials, will be more economical and more quarantine.

Misunderstanding 3, purchase promotional products

The process of unsealing, opening, smoothing and pasting the sanitary napkin by hand will bring a large number of germs to the sanitary napkin.

Misunderstanding 2, do not wash your hands before using sanitary napkins

Most of the toilets in our country are dark guards. They don’t see the sun all the time, and they are damp. It is easy to breed mold and pollute sanitary napkins.

Misunderstanding 1. Sanitary napkins are placed in the bathroom.

How to use sanitary napkins correctly, first of all, what are the misunderstandings of using sanitary napkins?

Do you know the misunderstanding of your sanitary napkin?

Do you know how to use sanitary napkins properly? For women, sanitary napkins are used more often, so in daily life we ??must understand the correct way to use sanitary napkins. Let’s take a look at the misunderstandings of the misuse of sanitary napkins.