What are the precautions for the selecti

What are the precautions for the selection of women’s bras? Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of how to buy bras for different types of shoulders. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the health online network.
Slanted shoulders. Commonly known as the beautiful shoulders, the shoulders are more curved and the shoulder blades are not prominent. It is best to choose a bra with a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap of this bra falls on the front and rear clavicle junctions and is not easy to slip. If there is a plastic elastic buckle on the back of the shoulder strap, it can strengthen the friction, which is also very suitable for women with oblique shoulders. Alternatively, you can choose a bra with a U-shaped shoulder strap.

Flat shoulders. The shoulders are small and the shoulder blades are obvious. If it is a narrow shoulder-type flat shoulder, the breast can be extended to the sides by wearing a bra with a lateral shoulder strap; if it is a wide shoulder-type flat shoulder, the bra on the side of the shoulder strap should be worn to concentrate the breast.

Thin shoulders. The shoulder muscles are not thick, and the clavicle and shoulder blades are obvious. When choosing a bra, the optional shoulder strap is slightly outside, and the shoulder strap is narrower. In addition, you can choose the shoulder strap design in the middle position to stabilize the breast lifting force. It should be noted that it is best to have the shoulder strap attached to the upper chest, and the shoulder strap and the body are preferably free of gaps.

Thick shoulders. The shoulders are moderately curved and the muscles are thick. This type of woman should choose a wide shoulder strap and the elasticity should be good enough. The shoulder straps are best centered or on the inside, and the lateral shoulder straps tend to slip and the chest is loose. For thick-shouldered women, 3/4 or full-cup and wide-breasted bras work best.

How to buy bras for different types of shoulders:

The choice of a female bra should be appropriate, and whether the bra is comfortable or not depends on the shoulder strap. If the shoulder strap is too tight or too loose, it will cause back pain.

Woman buying underwear pay attention to the choice of shoulder strap

veryone knows that for women, you must choose to wear a comfortable bra. Then, in the process of buying a bra, we must not only consider the thickness and size of the cup, but also choose the appropriate shoulder strap according to the type of shoulder. So, do you know how to buy bras for different types of shoulders? Let’s take a look.