How women wear bras has great significance for w

How women wear bras has great significance for women’s health, so women must learn well and hope that everyone’s health will help.
Fourth, choose a bra that is more suitable for your age. It is not possible to wear it when you are puberty, because it is impossible to have sagging breasts at this time. It is recommended to wear it after the age of 18.

Third, choose a loose bra, preferably one size bigger than your breast. Wearing a small over-tight bra for a long time will affect local blood and lymph circulation and induce various breast diseases.

Second, use cotton. Chemical fiber bras are prone to skin irritation and poor breathability. When the person is active, the bra will constantly rub the nipple, and the fiber filaments in the bra can easily enter the mammary gland from the milk hole. Over time, it will block the breast and nipple and induce breast disease.

First, wearing a bra should not be too long, no more than 8 hours a day, and can not sleep in a bra. When you are fine, you can do more chest exercises or raise your upper limbs to promote blood circulation.

How do women wear bras? There are four points to note about wearing bras:

What are the precautions for women wearing bras?

What are the precautions for women wearing bras? In daily life, the bra is one of the women’s intimate clothing. Its appearance not only protects the female’s chest, but also allows women to display a charming chest, for women. The importance is self-evident. So, how do women wear bras in their daily lives? Here is an introduction to the precautions for women wearing bras. I hope to help everyone.