Among the above prescriptions for treating co

Among the above prescriptions for treating constipation and bloating, the most important traditional Chinese medicine is Hempen. Li Shizhen records in the Compendium of Materia Medica. Hemp is sweet and sweet, and it is


temperate, spleen, stomach, Buzhongyiqi, Jiufu Kangjian is not old, fairy Also, laxative. Therefore, if you do not want to eat Chinese medicine, this side also has a substitute, which is Hemp Ecological Tea, which contains ingredients such as Hemp, Cassia, Guava, Black Fungus, Pueraria, Mulberry, Polygonatum, Glutinous Rice, Laiwuzi, etc. At the same time, it can prevent three highs.

If you don’t want to eat Chinese medicine, you can also use Hemp Ecological Tea instead.

“Su Wen · Pain Theory”: “The heat is left in the small intestine, the pain in the intestines, the heat is exhausted, but it is hard to get it, so it hurts and can’t be closed.” The patient’s gastrointestinal heat is unclear for a long time. Injury, the intestines are dry, so constipation becomes a phlegm; the blood is forced to overflow, and the heat is steamed and the mouth is sore. Take Maziren pill to relax the bowel, and the red bean xiaogui dispels the heat and detoxification, so that the heat goes to the intestines, and the diarrhea and diarrhea are cleared to the heat of the diarrhea, so as to eliminate the evil and remove the disease, so the effect is good.

After the drug was finished, it was found that Ms. Wang had a bowel movement, blood stopped, relieved mouth sores, mild abdominal distension, red tongue, thin yellow fur, and a slight pulse. After the above-mentioned prescription, the medicine was reduced, and the observation was made. The patient’s stool was smooth, the blood was not made, and the mouth sore was cured.

The main party: Ma Ziren pill and Chixiaodou Danggui scattered. 20 grams of Hemp seed, 10 grams of clam shell, 10 grams of Magnolia, 10 grams of almond, 15 grams of white peony, 4 grams of raw rhubarb, 15 grams of red bean, 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of silver flower, 10 grams of forsythia, silk flower 15 grams, 6 grams of licorice. 15 doses, Shuijianbi.

Governing Law: diarrhea heat conduction, laxative.

Dialectical: heat accumulation in the stomach.

Frequent constipation bloating recommended an old Chinese medicine prescription
Frequent constipation bloating recommended an old Chinese medicine prescription

Ms. Wang is 42 years old. She has been constipated for nearly 5 months. She has a bowel movement for 2 days. She has symptoms such as abdominal distension, hemorrhoids and blood ulcers, and oral ulcers. The diagnosis of Chinese medicine found that her tongue is red, and the tongue is thin and yellow, and the pulse is fine.