Healthy people get up early to drink a cup of

Healthy people get up early to drink a cup of warm water to prevent constipation, but if you have constipation, you can get 2 drops of sesame oil on an empty stomach early, and you can use it as a kind of medicine commonly used by traditional Chinese medicine. It can also be used as an edible oil.


On the contrary, cold water and ice water reduce the body’s heat energy, and the kinetic energy that drives the intestinal peristalsis declines. Naturally, it is not easy to defecate, and the stool is accumulated a little bit for a long time, which leads to more serious constipation. In addition, long-term consumption of cold water will affect the body’s endocrine, no matter which organ in the digestive system secretes problems, it may affect the overall defecation effect.

However, in traditional Chinese medicine, the effects of warm water and cold water are different. Chinese medicine practitioners said that drinking a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning can improve the body’s kinetic energy and promote intestinal peristalsis. If you can make a clockwise massage along the abdomen, passively let the intestines squirm, which can help relieve the problem. Cancer patients often suffer from bloating, and with peppermint oil during massage, it can also stimulate intestinal peristalsis, help exhaust, and eliminate flatulence.

Drinking plenty of water can moisturize the intestines and help defecation, but the same cup of boiled water, most boys will choose ice water, but girls will choose a warm cup. Which cup is better? Doctors believe that drinking a cup of boiling water after getting up can really It helps the gastrointestinal motility, but the water temperature is not particularly limited.

Question 1 1 cup of water early, can help defecation, prevent constipation?
How to do constipation, don’t be fooled by these 3 methods.

The human intestines are twisted and bent, and it is really difficult to get through to the end. Therefore, almost everyone has had a problem of discomfort or constipation, especially cancer patients, the body immunity is worse, and the intestinal motility is also Followed by weakening, frequently defeated by constipation! Online rumors of “morning to the toilet” and “drinking warm water” and other secrets of constipation, what is the truth? Chinese and Western doctors have different views!