Therefore, whether it is unmarried or married, yo

Therefore, whether it is unmarried or married, you must perform well in bed, especially for the first time. For the first time, a man may be nervous, premature ejaculation or not. Remember to eat 2 Maca before you can make you perform better. After marriage, the man’s kidney is not good, can’t be done, etc., can also eat, can make you more able to capture the woman’s heart!
A woman who used to be an ancient Chinese civilized educator should not have a relationship with a man before he got married. In fact, going to bed is the kind of sex at the beginning, which best shows the true color of a man. But now women are fine, they will try to love before marriage, in order to give them a guarantee for the rest of their lives.

Man looks at woman looking at chest, woman looks at man looking where

If a woman really falls in love with a man, she is actually moved by his lower body, not the upper body. But most women have a sense of fear and helplessness for the man’s lower body, so often they show no interest in the man’s lower body exposure, but only pay attention to the man’s upper body is enough.

A woman appreciates a man, mostly because of his upper body, that is, external, that is the appearance of the person, the so-called appearance is a kind of life state, social status and so on. It’s easy to understand the appearance of a man, and sometimes a business card can tell the story clearly. And to fall in love with a man, probably because of his lower body, this is the reality.

Man looks at woman looking at chest, woman looks at man looking where

Women get together except talking about clothes, the rest are all men! Those married are talking about their children, how is their husband (and even talk about sexual ability). Unmarried talks about recent new clothes and boyfriends. From the pillow to the side; from the recent relationship to the distant relationship; from the man’s nose, eyes, mouth to talk about the cultivation of men, virtue and the ability of men to express (including sexual ability), etc. The topic is nothing but men, men, that is, only men.

After investigation, if a woman falls in love with a man, 70% is due to his lower body, and the remaining 30% may be the upper body or the other. However, the natural shyness and fear of the lower body of the man, most women will not show it, but in fact, women are also very good, but we do not say, walking on the street to see the handsome and handsome boys we will also peek, just Not as obvious as a boy.

Man looks at woman looking at chest, woman looks at man looking where

When people talk about women, they look at the chest first, then the face, and the third is the leg. So, does a woman look at a man? Where is the focus? Do you dare to say?