Therefore, experts remind that eating diet shou

Therefore, experts remind that eating diet should avoid eating too much acidic food. For teeth, lemonade, carbonated drinks, fruit vinegar, etc., if consumed for a long time, will destroy the enamel, soften the enamel, and make the teeth yellow, so it is recommended to drink. When using acidic foods such as juice, use a straw to avoid


direct contact with the teeth. After eating, rinse the acid to dilute the acid. In addition, it is the fundamental way to use floss correctly, brush your teeth regularly, rinse your mouth, and love your teeth to avoid the occurrence of tooth decay.

At present, the commonly used filling materials are silver powder, composite resin, etc. These two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, but modern people pay more attention to the beauty, and look forward to using the same complex resin as the tooth color to fill, but the resistance of the composite resin The degree of wear and hardness are relatively poor.

There are coups to prevent tooth erosion: using a straw, a mouthwash

Tooth decay is a fairly common disease. When there is food residue in the mouth that has not been removed, it becomes a nutrient for bacterial growth. The bacteria destroy the teeth and cause tooth decay. Therefore, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible after tooth decay, remove the corrosive substances in the teeth, and fill the appropriate materials to prevent the caries from getting worse.

Tooth decay is easy to happen

Women love to eat lemon, passion fruit, fill the light

Love to eat sour, beware of ruining your teeth! A woman in her 20s suddenly found out that many places in her mouth had fallen off her teeth. She went to the hospital in a panic. The dentist learned that the woman usually loves sour foods such as lemon and passion fruit. Etc., causing tooth erosion, and because of the use of composite resin to fill the teeth, its durability is short, storage is not easy, and it is easy to cause secondary cavities.