Comments: stewed with rock sugar can clea

Comments: stewed with rock sugar can clear the heat and cough, nourish beauty, nourish Yin and lungs. The Spring Festival is not to stay up late, plus the greasy diet, a cup of lemon stewed rock sugar can just clear the heat.
2. Put the lemon and rock sugar into a saucepan or steamer and stew for more than 10 hours. In order to prevent the odor of the refrigerator, it is filled into a sealed can and then placed in the refrigerator after being frozen. Usually warm water to brew, can clear the lungs and cough.

1. Wash the skin of the lemon with salt and soak it in salt water for about half an hour. The lemon slices are seeded, leaving only the flesh. Knock the yellow rock sugar into small pieces.


Ingredients: 500 grams of lemon, 1 kilogram of yellow rock sugar, salt amount.

Rock sugar stewed lemon

In addition, in the past Spring Festival holiday, it is always inevitable to eat, drink, and drink a drink of stagnation and lipid-lowering drink.

Three: exercise and muscle – exercise and muscle gain is the most important thing for micro fat people to lose weight. Many people appear to be “puffy” because of insufficient exercise and insufficient muscle mass. Exercising muscles through exercise not only makes the body more line-like, but also increases the basal metabolic rate and develops lean body mass. It is recommended to do a strength training, it is best to take a break, practice about 3 times a week.

Two: massage + drink Luo Han Guo lotus leaf tea to reduce swelling – some people obviously not fat can be fat. This may be caused by edema. The body’s intake of water can not be fully utilized and can not be discharged, it will accumulate in the body, making people look puffy. In addition, poor blood circulation can also cause edema. To solve the problem of edema, on the one hand, you should eat more diuretic and swelling foods, such as Luo Han Guo lotus leaf tea, especially on an empty stomach before meals, which is good for eliminating edema; on the other hand, you should do more massage. Through the massage to clear the lymph, promote blood circulation and improve edema.

One: Eat more foods rich in dietary fiber and high-quality protein – foods rich in dietary fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, and coarse grains, which are not high in calories, are an excellent choice for weight loss. Proteins have a stronger ability to inhibit ghrelin than carbohydrates and have a strong satiety. Protein is also an important nutrient for muscle growth. Eat plenty of high-quality protein-rich foods to help build muscle. In order to avoid high cholesterol, it is recommended that people who eat eggs and muscles eat less egg yolk.

In reality, people who are seriously obese actually only occupy a small number, and most of them are actually only slightly fat. But the micro fat is also fat! And don’t want to be a member of the micro-fat world, is there any way? The dietitian said that the fat people in the slightly fat body will not be too much, and the reason why they are fat, is that the ratio of fat to muscle in the body is not well balanced. If you want to be thin, people who are slightly fat will have to feel muscle lines. From micro fat to sexy, it is only a good way to lose weight. Xiaobian began to send out welfare, if you want to lose weight, take a look!