In other words, the easiest and simplest method is

In other words, the easiest and simplest method is to “maintain the total food intake and change the distribution ratio”. Eat food in a balanced manner according to the three meals. In this way, weight loss can be significantly changed without special diet therapy. If you want to get a more reasonable weight loss effect, as long as the total amount of food intake in one day is reduced to 70%, the effect is better.

I recommend taking 40~50% for breakfast, 30% for lunch, and 15~20% for dinner. In this way, even if the total amount of food intake is the same every day, the weight is not easy to increase. In addition, if you can train muscle strength synchronously, it is a more ideal slimming mode.

Adjust the ratio of three meals, it will be thin

Weight loss must see, 5:3:2 three meals distribution is thinner than the fastest

To be correct, try to eat during the main activity hours, such as in the morning or during the day. Even the same food, it is not easy to eat in the morning, but it is easy to get fat at night. This is because the body’s hormonal secretion system changes over time. In the morning, a large amount of hormones that decompose body fat are secreted; on the contrary, at night, a large amount of hormones that accumulate body fat are secreted. Therefore, as long as possible to change to eating during the day, it will be easier to control weight, in addition, if you can do some exercise in the morning, or eat some foods that help burn fat, such as a cup of lotus leaf tea, slimming effect is better.

The second is to adjust the intake ratio of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The average person usually distributes the three meals in a balanced manner, but the obese usually usually drink a cup of milk or fruit juice for breakfast, eat it at lunch, and start to eat and drink at night because of hungry for a whole day. The above is a very typical and wrong eating habit.

Looking at the above picture, carefully observing the diet patterns of obese people, they will find that they rarely eat three meals in a balanced manner. So long in the fasting period, after eating the food, the calories will be quickly converted into fat and stored in the body. This is why obesity caused by body fat. Therefore, three meals must be eaten regularly, avoiding hungry stomach and reducing the time of fasting.

Weight loss must see, 5:3:2 three meals distribution is thinner than the fastest

Eat at night and become fat! Please eat during the day

In other words, instead of worrying about “what to do”, it is more important to seriously think about “what should I eat” or “adjust eating habits”. Because the less fat, the more obvious the muscle lines will be; for this reason, I strongly recommend that exercise and diet control must be carried out at the same time. In this way, the results of hard work and forging chain can get the most benefit.

Many people often ask me, “Coach, what kind of exercise do you want to lose?” And I always ask them, “What do you usually eat?” Of course, exercise is the only way to lose weight, but if you don’t do it, Good diet control, even if you do more exercise, you can only maintain the current posture, still can not slim down.