In the days of menstrual cramps, women should be lig

In the days of menstrual cramps, women should be light and mild, and should not eat cold and spicy food to reduce uterine bleeding. Drink plenty of warm water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and keep your stools smooth.

Quenching thirst is still “hot” and “hot”. For example, drink some hot tea. Because actually eating cold drinks can only temporarily lower the temperature, but there is no thirst. British scientists have chosen a particularly hot day, using infrared temperature recorders to test the participants, found that people who eat cold drinks can only reduce the temperature of the skin around the mouth, and people who drink tea can reduce the skin temperature after 9 minutes. °C~2°C. Because drinking hot tea promotes sweat glands to relax and wick away the body’s heat, it can reduce the temperature of the skin surface.

The reason why cold drinks drink more affects women’s menstruation is mainly because cold drinks are cold drinks. Drinking too much is vulnerable to cold evil, causing poor appetite, diarrhea, and irregular menstruation. Moreover, the birth of the kidney supervisor, so the kidneys have long-term yang stagnation under the intrusion of cold drinks, coupled with the stimulation of cold drinks, the uterus is in a state of contraction for a long time, which causes poor menstruation, accumulation of blood clots, etc., and severe cases also affect fertility. .

Drinking cold drinks and causing kidney yin

In real life, many women may find that eating a lot of ice cream when menstrual cramps may reduce menstrual flow, shorten menstrual period, and some will stop menstruation; while fasting cold drinks, the symptoms of irregular menstruation will gradually reduce, Some people will even disappear completely. Chinese gynaecologists also analyze why urban young women suffer from gynecological diseases more than rural young women. They also believe that eating too much cold drinks is one of the important reasons.

American scientists have done a test to immerse a person’s big toe in cold water at 4 ° C. After half a minute, the body’s nasal mucosal blood vessels are strongly contracted, and the amount of antibodies in the secretions is drastically reduced. Similarly, scientists have found that whenever an ice-cold beverage enters the stomach of a human body, the female endometrial blood vessels also contract strongly, resulting in a sharp decrease in menstrual flow and even amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

Women love to drink cold drinks, easy to relieve dysmenorrhea, need to drink more hot water

Whether it’s a hot summer or a cold winter, cold drinks are very popular with women. Nowadays, more young people have replaced cold drinks with boiling water, tea, etc., and when they go home or export, they will pour a large cup of cold drink. As everyone knows, it has caused great harm to the body in the long run.