When it comes to whitening, many women may

When it comes to whitening, many women may only pay attention to facial whitening. In fact, facial whitening is important, but body whitening is more important. Especially in the summer, wearing less, revealing more, the whole body is white to show temperament. So in order to be beautiful and beautiful next summer, this winter must be white! The following 4 kinds of bathing methods can completely whiten the whole body, so try it~

If you want temperament, you have to do a whole body whitening!

1, milk bath

The milk and water are adjusted into a 1:1 ratio and poured into the bathtub. The whole person is soaked in the bathtub, and the hands are slowly massaged on the skin to make the skin absorb the nutrients of the milk better.

Efficacy: After adding milk, the bath water will become very soft. Even if there is sensitive skin with “hot water will irritate the skin”, this bath method will not cause irritation. In addition to moisturizing milk, milk can also play a role in firming and astringent. Soaking milk before going to bed will also relax your body and mind and promote sleep. It also has quite good effects on hyperhidrosis, and it can also improve symptoms such as depression and insomnia. The enzymes contained in milk can achieve anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and soothing effects on the skin; therefore, if the skin is red and swollen due to sun exposure, milk can be used for care.

If you want temperament, you have to do a whole body whitening!

2, honey bath

Add honey directly to warm water and mix it with 1% honey aqueous solution to wash your face or take a shower. You can also apply honey with your body before bathing, especially on the soles of your feet, knees, elbows, etc. After 10 minutes, soak in the bathtub and then wash it with soap.

Efficacy: Honey contains rich trace elements and a small amount of vitamins, which can comfort the blood circulation of the skin, promote cell development, delay aging, strengthen the elasticity and toughness of the skin, and make the appearance more lubricious and moisturizing. Honey also has bactericidal, anti-preparative and anti-spot spots and chloasma, and the facial dryness, wrinkles, scorpions, scorpions, hemorrhoids, etc. have a positive healing effect.

3, red wine bath

Mix too much red wine in warm water and mix well. The hot day is 500ml, and in winter it is about 750ml.

Efficacy: The rich grape polyphenols in red wine have anti-oxidation and promote blood circulation. Alcohol in red wine promotes skin’s absorption of nutrients and allows the body to gain faster access to the inner layer of the skin.

If you want temperament, you have to do a whole body whitening!

4, green tea bath

Put 3 to 5 bags of green tea slag or tea bags that have been drunk, put them in stockings or cotton bags, and then put the bags into the bathtub to inject hot water. The recommended soaking time is 10 to 20 minutes.

Efficacy: The catechins and caffeine in green tea can be used to improve fat metabolism, so that fat can be eliminated faster. Green tea also removes oil and dirt from the skin, helping to remove phlegm and soft keratin. In addition, as a bathing agent, green tea can be made from the inside out and the body is particularly suitable for people with debilitating body.