Suggestions: The above situation requires a gynecological

Suggestions: The above situation requires a gynecological examination once, only in this way, in order to determine the condition, in order to have targeted treatment.

Considering vaginitis, because of the many types of vaginitis, there are bacterial, fungal, trichomonal vaginitis, different types of vaginitis treatment methods are different, chronic cervicitis, there is also the possibility of increased secretions Therefore, the situation requires gynaecological examination to determine the specific condition in the determination of treatment is more scientific.

May be caused by vaginitis, vaginitis is divided into fungal vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis infection. Go to the hospital for examination, and it is better to have symptomatic treatment after the diagnosis. It is recommended to do gynecological examination, test leucorrhea routine, clear the cause, symptomatic treatment. Fu Yan Jie clean, pay attention to hygiene, often change underwear, keep the vulva clean and dry.

This condition is caused by bacterial vaginosis. Can take levofloxacin capsules, metronidazole, gynecological Qianjin tablets treatment, while the vagina built-in diazepam suppository, if necessary, infusion therapy, generally choose penicillin or cephalosporin antibiotics combined with metronidazole, the effect is better. Usually keep the vulva clean and hygienic, and avoid sexual intercourse during treatment.

Most women have very obvious odors when there is inflammation in the vagina. In addition to inflammatory diseases, genital itching and odor are also related to personal eating habits.

This situation does not rule out the possibility of vaginitis, cervicitis, need to go to the hospital for gynecological examination, leucorrhea routine to confirm the diagnosis, if there is vaginitis generally take the same treatment of husband and wife, internal and external treatment, treatment of three menstrual cycles, due to different types of vaginitis Different medications, medication and time should be in accordance with the doctor’s advice, regular review to determine the efficacy, if repeated vaginitis is best to take vaginal flora replacement surgery, once good.

Considering vaginal inflammation, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a leucorrhea routine and a gynecological examination such as colposcopy and B-ultrasound.

How do you cure the odor?

Women often find that there is a stench underneath. This smell will be very uncomfortable, and it is accompanied by the feeling of itching and burning. In fact, this is a manifestation of gynecological inflammation. Female friends must take timely treatment measures. Relieve as soon as possible. How do you cure the odor?