Solution: First of all, we must go to the regular hospit

Solution: First of all, we must go to the regular hospital for examination in time to determine the specific disease for treatment; diet should be light, avoid spicy stimulation, so as not to cause damp heat or burn yin blood; when there is a small fever such as cold, use antibiotics with caution; daily cleaning can be Use ph4’s weak acid female care solution; after suffering from vaginitis, both couples should be treated together according to the doctor’s request.

(3) foul odor: leucorrhea stench, often caused by serious infection of the reproductive tract or tumor. Such as malignant tumors of the reproductive tract, severe endometritis, severe cervical erosion. Especially for older women, if there is a stench of leucorrhea and a bright red color, it is often a sign of malignant tumors.

(2) odor: some anaerobic infections, trichomonas infections or vaginitis caused by Haemophilus vaginalis infection, vaginal discharge often smells bad.

(1) Fishy smell: There is a part of vaginitis caused by Haemophilus vaginalis, which has a special fishy smell. At the same time, it is accompanied by vaginal burning, pain, itching, vulva and other symptoms.

Analysis of the disease: vaginal inflammation caused by private odor, there may be three kinds of odor, if it develops into a stench, it is likely to be a symptom of malignant tumors, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time.

Vaginitis caused by vaginitis

Solution: The best way is to improve the health of the body first, do local cleaning every day; use cotton underwear; and change the sanitary napkin as often as possible, no more than 4 hours each time.

Analysis of the disease: The reason why menstruation produces odor is mainly due to the presence of blood, endometrial and sebaceous gland secretions and sweaty smell, so there is a more obvious odor.

Menstrual odor

Solution: Do not repeat vaginal washing, drug abuse, etc.; adult females should clean the vagina in time after sexual life; before bacterial vaginosis is cured, it is best not to have sex.

Analysis of the disease: bacterial vaginosis will increase the female vaginal discharge, and the private parts will emit a foul smell. It is a pathological condition caused by the destruction of the vaginal environment and the change of pH. The reason why it is not called vaginitis is that there is no inflammatory reaction in the vaginal mucosa.

Bacterial vaginosis causes private odor

How to remove the smell in the private parts?

Many women suffer from gynecological diseases, which is a common disease in women. Generally, gynecological diseases do not show pain in the early stage, but abnormal secretions, such as mild vaginitis, if there is a odor in the private parts, it will cause Pay attention to it, we must first find out the reason for the smell in the private place, so that we can take a better method, so how to remove the smell in the private part?