The causes of different scrotal wetness, the treatment

The causes of different scrotal wetness, the treatment focus is different, the treatment methods are also different, the pathogenic bacteria and the cause of the disease must be identified, and the strict classification can be used to treat the needle.

Through the above summary of the causes of scrotal wetness, it is understood that the scrotum is mainly related to the small things in daily life. The dryness of the bed, whether the underwear is changed frequently, the food eaten is too spicy, and the degree of personal hygiene is There is a big relationship.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, water metabolism is mainly done by three organs, one is the lung, the other is the spleen, and the other is the kidney. Among them, the spleen is mainly responsible for digestion and absorption. That is to say, after people eat and drink, the nutrients and water are transported to various parts of the body through the spleen. Once the spleen is weak, the excess water is difficult to transport to the designated site in time, and has to flow away from the intestine, causing stool diarrhea and causing the scrotum to be wet.

2, spleen function is not good

The prostate is close to the seminal vesicle and the vas deferens. After infection, the pathogen will slowly follow the vas deferens. As for the scrotum, it will destroy the neuromodulation function and cause its disorder. Once the neuromodulation function is disordered, the physiological function of the sweat gland will also be affected, resulting in an imbalance between the amount of sweat secretion and the amount of volatilization, which ultimately contributes to local moist itching.

1, the impact of chronic prostatitis

When the scrotum is wet, there is no change in the surface skin, but there is always an abnormal feeling of sweating, dampness, and coldness, which is due to excessive secretion of sweat. As directed by Director Feng Weifu, the scrotum itself has a certain degree of diastolic contraction. The skin contains a large amount of sweat glands, which can regulate the local temperature and maintain balance. If the secreted sweat cannot be released in time, the scrotum will have a wet and cold phenomenon.

Medical evidence that scrotal wetness is mainly related to male prostate disease, scrotal wetness causes chronic prostatitis or spleen weakness

Scrotal wetness is a common male disease in men. Not only is the surface of the scrotum sticky and smelly, but the athlete’s foot is the same, accompanied by a tingling sensation. What is the cause of the scrotum wet? What should I do? Just come to a specific introduction.

What is the reason for the wetness of men?

The scrotum of a man is as important as the female genital area. If a man does not pay attention to hygiene and wears his trousers, it is easy to see the scrotum wet. This will not only make the man feel uncomfortable, but also cause Some skin diseases are also detrimental to male reproductive health. So what is the reason for men’s wetness?