When the sleep is insufficient, the hormone secret

When the sleep is insufficient, the hormone secreted by the human body is disrupted, and the endocrine disorder affects the metabolic function. Body fat does not break down well, and the production of beer belly is inevitable. Therefore, if you want to stay away from the beer belly, you should maintain enough sleep, keep at least 8 hours of sleep every day, and let the hormone secretion more fully.

How to reduce the size of a man’s stomach – keep enough sleep

Effective exercise is very helpful for both men’s health and men’s weight loss. Running, climbing, cycling, swimming, playing, etc. can reduce abdominal fat.

How to reduce the size of a man’s stomach – to exercise effectively

Eat should be full of seven points, eat less sugar, starch, animal fat and so on. Must pay attention to nutrition for breakfast and lunch, dinner can be a little simpler, but it is best not to exceed 8 points. Because eating too late, you may sleep when food is not digested, which may cause obesity.

How to reduce the size of a man’s stomach – proper diet

Men usually have to control the amount of alcohol they drink during a party or a meal, and don’t drink too much. In addition, usually develop a good habit, do not lie down or sit down after eating, it is best to take a walk, or stand. This is very effective in reducing the fat on the stomach.

How to reduce the size of a man’s stomach – develop good habits

Second, men’s weight loss methods

Men must first understand the cause of the big belly, what is it that causes a lot of fat accumulation on the stomach? According to relevant data, the reason for men’s big stomach is mainly caused by bad sitting posture and eating habits, so they want to solve the big belly. The problem is to start with these two aspects.

First, the cause of men’s big belly

Men with large stomachs in their lives are very common. This will not only affect their personal image, but also affect their health. If there is a big stomach, you must find the reason to lose weight. Everyday, you can lose weight through diet control and exercise. What is the reason for a big man’s stomach? How to lose weight?