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6, the shave shaving is just a little bit better. It is best to get up after 20 minutes of getting up to keep your face clean. This is mainly due to the fact that when I got out of bed, after a night of rest, the reproductive function was strong and the beard grew fast. After 20 minutes to half an hour of consumption, the male hormones in the male body are not so strong, the growth rate of the beard is reduced, and then scraping, it will not grow soon.

5, in the diet should reduce the intake of greasy, salty, irritating foods, eat less flavorings such as MSG, also help to inhibit the growth of the beard.

4, the application of ginger juice and milk can inhibit the growth of hair, but need to adhere to long-term, otherwise the effect will not be obvious in a short time;

3. If you feel that the beard is too long, you can cut it with scissors. Once every three days, it won’t be long and dense, but the roots should not be cut too clean. Otherwise, the chin will leave black marks in the long run, which is not very elegant;

2, boys under the age of 20 should not use razors or shaving creams, because in this age the beard has just grown, the more often it grows faster and thicker;

1. Beard growth is one of the milestones for men to enter puberty, related to androgen. Therefore, a long beard is a normal physiological phenomenon unique to men, and it should not be embarrassing for a long beard.

A big difference between men and women is the beard. Men almost shave their beards one day. This causes great trouble for men. Many people want to find ways to suppress the growth of beards. In fact, the growth of male beards and the secretion of male androgen. It has a lot to do with it. It is recommended to eat greasy and spicy food on the diet. So how do men suppress beard growth?