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Use your fingers to press the front of the nose (soft nose) from the outside of the nose. It seems to be usually pressed by hand for about five to ten minutes, while the non-bleeding nostrils on the other side can still breathe smoothly. Most patients can simply stop bleeding in this way. If the blood is still stopped after more than ten minutes of compression, it may represent severe bleeding, or there are other problems, and you need to be sent to the hospital for further treatment.

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The correct treatment for men with nosebleeds is to maintain the head in a normal upright or slightly forward position, so that the outflowed blood is discharged outside the nostrils, so as not to interfere with the breathing airflow in the nasal cavity.

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Correct way to stop nosebleeds

Therefore, in general, for men, we must pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of the usual diet, and must reasonably arrange the usual life rules. Men who like to stay up late or men who like to drink alcohol must change these bad habits. It is very important to be able to effectively control your health.


There are some men who like to drink alcohol, and even some people like to drink alcohol. This is very harmful to the body. If you drink alcohol regularly, you may have liver disease, so you will often have nosebleeds, so for men. Say you must pay attention to drinking less and eat more healthy food.

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There are a lot of men who usually don’t pay much attention to their diet control. For example, they usually like to eat some big fish and big meat. If you eat more big fish and big meat, it is very likely that there will be a fire, which will lead to nosebleeds. So, for men, you must pay attention to eat more carrot tomatoes, apples, bananas and oranges.

Second reason

For men who like to stay up late, they often have symptoms of nosebleeds, because day and night damage to their kidneys and liver is very large, and it is very likely that they will drink some beer after staying up late, which will lead to their body. The worse, the situation will get angry.

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What is the reason why men often have nosebleeds?

Many people in life are prone to nosebleeds, but men have a more nosebleed experience than women. There are many causes of male nosebleeds in life. Some may be external injuries, some may be environmental or air effects. The nosebleed must be treated in time. So what is the reason why men often have nosebleeds?