What are the consequences of a man’s long-term hand-

What are the consequences of a man’s long-term hand-floating? The human body is nourished by blood, and the source of blood gas is diet. There is no exhausted blood gas in the deep sleep of the human body is converted into fine, hidden in the kidney, sealed in the bone, ready for the occasion. It consumes less savings and is a long-lived health guarantee. Consumption is less than a short-lived premise of aging. Hand-floating and sexual behavior are characterized by fine wear and tear. This loss of extraordinary accumulation means that the quality of life is reduced and the life course is terminated prematurely. The harmlessness of the hand is the misleading of Western medicine, so it is sad to make it easy for young people to try to float, and they must quit. The hand-floating behavior has serious addiction and is difficult to restrain. This is the reason why I feel uncomfortable after I feel uncomfortable. Hand floatation causes many chronic diseases. The hand floats in advance to overdraw the body’s hair, and the seed has not yet been angry and lost. After sowing and germination, the result is wilting and lacking vitality. This is the result of the anger of the strong official and the decline in skill.

Hey, suspicious fear, trouble or lack of patience and perseverance, and the confidence and courage to win. This is the result of the inefficiency. Hand float is a behavior that seriously damages the body. The “fine” of hand-floating consumption is the essence of the human body that is collected by the “kidney” that communicates with the marrow and the brain. The source of hematopoiesis, excessive consumption of sperm leads to dissatisfaction of the marrow cavity, life is premature, and the body is extremely weak. To behave. Hand floatation also affects intelligence. Long-term hand-floating has obvious damage to memory and thinking. The ability to learn and the rapid decline in academic performance is a clear manifestation. This is the result of the inability to refine the spirit and the qi deficiency.

Third, damage to sleep, sleep well, insomnia and dreams, always thinking about something that is too embarrassing, too excited to sleep. Damage looks, no blood, ugly, bamboo will die, it is easy to make a person aging. The hand float not only damages the body’s motivation, but also damages the emotions, which makes people feel weak and weak, hesitant, indecisive, and violent.

Second, damage to intelligence, learning ability, and continuous decline. Damage the test, do not seriously study how to test well, thinking about what you are doing all day long. Injury, introversion, inferiority, weakness, and action. There is no light in the heart, of course, I can’t be bright and upright. The cause of damage to the cause, no promotion, no success, no effort, time is spent watching the yellow film. Damage to luck, good luck does not come, bad luck accompanied, and is related to the attitude of being a human being.

First, 1. Damage to love, thoughts, introversion, girls like sunshine happy boys. 2, damage to health, physical decline, easy to get sick, think bamboo will die when it blooms. 3, damage development, thin body, yj light and short. 4, damaging ability, leading to impotence and premature ejaculation, excessive stimulation caused ejaculation reaction too fast. 5, damage to the brain, dizziness, poor memory. 6, damage to energy, easy to fatigue, all-powerless.

Men will have masturbation after entering puberty. In fact, this performance is very normal. Healthy masturbation is very helpful for men’s health, but if you masturbate for a long time, it will not only affect the life after marriage, but may also trigger Male reproductive diseases, what are the consequences of men’s long-term masturbation?