The softness of the testicles is very harmful. Understan

The softness of the testicles is very harmful. Understand the above factors that cause the testicles to become soft. This should be paid attention to and prevent the occurrence of male infertility. Therefore, suffering from testicular soft disease should go to the regular male hospital for clear examination and treatment.

Sixth, suffering from severe varicocele, testicular hypoxia and damage from harmful substances. Need to go to the hospital to check clearly.

The fifth is endocrine disorders, which seriously interfere with the growth and development of the testes.

Fourth, long-term exposure to radioactive materials, the testicular parts have not been effectively protected.

Third, the bacteria invade the testicular caused by severe orchitis.

Second, the scrotum and testicular damage, especially the blood supply to the testicles.

One is viral infection, especially the mumps virus invades the testicles.

Testicular atrophy:

According to experts, the testicular volume is often measured by a universal high-volume volume measuring device. The size of the human testis is 15-25. It is often diagnosed as “testicular atrophy” in patients with less than 12th. In addition to measuring the size of the testicles, you must also pay attention to the texture of the testicles, such as the softness of the testis, indicating that the damage is heavier, and the semen examination is also helpful for diagnosis, but the most accurate method for diagnosing testicular atrophy is testicular biopsy. .

The testis is an important reproductive organ in men. It is located in the scrotum, one on each side, and the left side is generally slightly lower than the right side by 1 cm. The testicles are slightly flattened in elliptical shape with smooth surface, divided into inner and outer sides, front and rear edges and upper and lower ends.

Male testicular softness is likely to be a problem in the reproductive system. Although this disease is difficult for men and men to talk to, it is best to go to the hospital to check it out and find out the problem early to solve the problem. This is also very helpful for the recovery of the disease. If it is prolonged It will only get worse and worse. So what is the reason for men’s testicular softness?