What is the reason for men’s tone? Habitual staying up l

What is the reason for men’s tone? Habitual staying up late, people who are often insomnia are prone to excessive stomach fire and indigestion, which is prone to sputum, hydrogen sulfide and other metabolites, metabolites are discharged from the mouth, causing bad breath to occur. . Intestinal dryness, resulting in slow gastrointestinal motility, causing constipation, long-term fermentation of the stool, will produce stimulating gases such as ammonium sulfide, this gas released into the body through the mouth, it will form bad breath.

Third, people with hot and humid stomachs often have sour and odor in their mouths. This is because the oral cavity is the source of the stomach. The food stops in the stomach for too long, and the acid odor is inevitable. , it is characterized by bad breath.

Second, habitual. Oral hygiene habits, habits, constipation, tooth gaps, food residues are not cleared in time, etc. Bad breath. Drink too little water will also bad breath. Regularly eat garlic, garlic leaves, leeks, green onions, onions and other foods, and stinky tofu , rotten fermented bean curd, salty food, if you do not brush your teeth after eating, the food residue left in the gap of the teeth will not be removed in time, and the mouth will emit odor. Eating and drinking, overeating, smoking and drinking, not only easily damage the spleen and stomach, causing food to be difficult to digest, acid rot in the stomach and odor, the odor is discharged from the mouth, thus forming bad breath.

First, what is the reason for the man’s tone? Gas source. Typically smoking. The smoker’s mouth is smoky and irritating. It is boring. It is recommended to smoke or not to smoke. Such as lung abscess, uremia and many other serious diseases, urgent need for medical treatment, not to repeat here. There are untreated dental caries, periodontitis and tartar, chronic sinusitis, diffuse atrophic inflammation, severe dyspepsia and menstruation If you don’t adjust, you will have different degrees of bad breath.

Bad breath is a sign that gas produces a very bad smell. Many men have a heavier tone. This is likely to have a lot to do with chronic diseases. Chronic gastrointestinal diseases can cause heavy breath, but it is very easy to breathe. Relieved, then what is the reason for the man’s tone?