The decrease in male hormone levels also affects the bod

The decrease in male hormone levels also affects the body’s process of synthesizing proteins. Therefore, it is more necessary to ingest high-quality protein from the diet. Lamb has less fat and cholesterol than pork and beef, but is rich in high-quality protein, vitamins and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and iodine. Chinese medicine believes that mutton has the effect of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, which is suitable for men to eat regularly. Therefore, men who enter menopause should use lamb as the first choice for animal food.

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Therefore, you should eat more foods that can improve and enhance the function of the gland. Because the improvement of gonadal function can fundamentally alleviate the various symptoms of menopause. Foods with such effects are: lamb, shrimp, sheep kidney, sea cucumber, fish belly, loach, sparrow, leeks, walnuts, sesame and so on.

Loss of libido is also a symptom that most men appear after entering menopause. In principle, middle-aged men’s sexual life should not be excessive, otherwise the body will age too fast, but can not live without sex, otherwise it will reduce the ability to produce semen. As long as the sex life is normalized, neither feel tired nor feel too little.

Mutton is the first choice for enhanced sexual function

Black beans are not only rich in calcium, but also contain more lecithin and saponin. Lecithin can reduce “bad cholesterol” and prevent arteriosclerosis, while saponin has strong anti-oxidation effect and can effectively prevent cancer and obesity. Black beans and sesame seeds are separately fried, smashed in a food processor, and then served with milk or soy milk, so that their nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body. Middle-aged men drink 200ml of black soy milk before breakfast or before dinner every day to achieve effective calcium supplementation.

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It is especially recommended to mix black beans with strong health care function and black sesame seeds and milk with high nutritional value to make nutritious black soy milk.

Osteoporosis is a common disease in menopause, both male and female. Milk and legumes are rich in protein and calcium, which is good for restoring strength and preventing osteoporosis. In order to prevent menopause from getting fat, milk products can choose skim milk, 250 ml of fresh milk and 125-250 ml of yogurt per day. Soy products can be selected from tofu or soy milk, avoiding the choice of oily tofu and tofu brain with too much fat.

Male menopause is caused by a decrease in hormone secretion. When a 50-year-old man enters menopause, as the level of androgen declines, the bone density value decreases. At this time, fractures are more likely to occur.

Drink black soy milk away from osteoporosis

Mussels are known as “sea eggs”, and their nutritional value is higher than that of shrimp, crab, sea cucumber, scallop and other seafood products. The fat, protein, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins are much higher than the yellow croaker. Mussels also contain a large amount of iodine and unsaturated fatty acids, especially acatetraenoic acid accounts for 16.6%, while arachidonic acid is not synthesized in the human body and is a kind of essential fatty acid supplied by food. . Essential fatty acids are important for maintaining the normal function of the body, promoting development, protecting the skin, and reducing blood pressure and lipids.

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The main role of thyroxine is to regulate metabolism, and iodine is mainly involved in thyroxine synthesis in the body. Therefore, menopausal men should consume more seafood rich in iodine and unsaturated fatty acids, such as mussels, kelp, seaweed and so on. Regular food can not only promote metabolism, help to lose weight, but also effectively lower blood pressure and lower blood fat. There are many ways to eat mussels for menopausal men, such as mussels, seaweed and lean broth, mussel celery soup, mussels, leeks, and pineapple tarts.

After men enter menopause, they first manifest themselves in body posture. For example, the muscles of the whole body are not as strong and elastic as the young ones. This is because the skin fat is gradually increasing, and with the obvious increase in body weight, the whole person looks not only bloated, but also the skin becomes Extraordinarily slack. Producing such results, on the one hand, has a lot to do with middle-aged men, and on the other hand may be caused by metabolic disorders in the body.

Mussels are a good helper for weight loss

Men not only have menopause, but the problems they face during this period are no less than women. In general, male menopause occurs between the ages of 50 and 60. However, in recent years, due to work stress and unhealthy lifestyle, some men have a menopause age even advanced to 40 years old. Invited nutritionists offer a “new year nutritious meal” for men who are about to enter or have entered menopause at the age of 50.