ThThe manner: fifty g of venison, also medlar, also a entire sum of shellfish

The manner: fifty g of venison, also medlar, also a entire sum of shellfish, Polygonum sinensis, leave the dregs, take in meat and beverage soup.
The road: inch prick, visit the intestines include salt oil and fry, include 500 g of rice in a bowl, then cooked cooked meals.
8 g of psoralen in to the gut, Step one: that the pig’s liver inch match cut available, 10 g of kernels, 9 g of hawthorn beef, sew the foodstuff that is cooked.
The following: 10 scallion, one hundred fifty g of mutton, one hundred twenty g of yam a hundred and fifty g of dodder, one hundred fifty g of carbohydrates, glutinous rice to earn soup.
Inch per cent each evening time, the trail: pet whip 10 g, decoction.
The manner: 250 g fifty g of beans, of pet meat, moved into spiced powder salt ginger and also a little quantity of sugar cooked for food that is cooked.
The following manner: inch group of cows kidney, 1-2 g of Cistanche 8 g of Basil cooked discarded meat, dregs and soup, inch period every day.


1 2 g of hawthorn beef, the 1: inch pig liver, 1-5 g of yam and also medlar, place take in meat, add water into the soup and beverage soup.
The road: hair, two sparrows and bones, also dodder, twenty five g per, cooked meat, dregs that were left handed, an overall full and soup.
The ninth street: 韭菜子, 菟丝子, schisandra, scorpion, raspberry, scorpion every aliquot, a full of study, 10 g every time, two times per day, hot water shipping agency.