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Inch ) The snowy parasite hot soapy hair roughly half an hour, Pump-Kin peeled minimize hob block, lotus seed scrub into , reddish jujube clean.
Inch, Inflammation soup
White pumpkin and alopecia dandelion soup
Two, octopus dry pig ft ginger soup
Supplies: Pump Kin 200 g, dried lotus seed 20 g, two white fungus, reddish jujube 1-5, the Most Suitable Quantity of sugar 1000 ml
This number might be useful for upto a few men and women. This bloodstream soup additionally includes got the calming impact, therefore it’s likewise good for women with menopause.
3) Fires boil , transform sluggish boil into lily, ginkgo lightly rottenand put in steak roll till cooked, then fix the total amount of oil and salt is.
Inch, Longan beef ginger jujube bud lean beef
The petrol is currently really on these. Some females run just a bit tired , sounds to really feel incredibly shortness of breath, so it ought to fill out the bloodstream of their bloodstream collectively, so your of your hands are not hard.
Substance: 20 g of wheat barley, thirty g of reddish beans, the most suitable sum of stone sugar Approaches: 1st importantly, set the reddish bean at the drinking water to half of an evening prior to taking drain out and yummy.
Additionally the octopus sterile and pig’s foot might be chosen for dining usage. In case the fat reduction can be a lady’s livelihood, the bloodstream could be the duty of girls’s lifetime. Lots of ladies from the kettle of bloodstream soup, too regularly may feel that mommy is all about, that really is due to the fact that the flesh is satisfactory really could provide a lady into mother like defense, reluctantly meet upward!
Listed below would be the Principal attractiveness
This is just a description of 2 supplementing qi and soup.
Two ) pig’s foot into wash, awash clean, sliced bits, set only a small rollin warm drinking water, and then wash (which can be,”Fei Shui”).
Substance: Octopus dry just (roughly 150 g ), pig’s foot 2, uncooked ginger inch bits.
Supplies: Longan beef 10 g, 3 pieces of lemon, 1-5 jujube, pork thin 300 g.
Inch ) Longan beef, reddish jujube clean, reddish dates into your center, pig lean wash, cut into balls.
Form of tea beverage Salvia miltiorrhiza 3 Cash, the correct sum of chrysanthemum, blood stasis, conventional Oriental drugs think about Salvia miltiorrhiza”in to one’s heart”, would be your most renowned Chinese medicine to help boost blood flow circulation.
(women that are pregnant usually do not beverage !)
Nourishing and Healthy Magnificence soup
Inch ) Ginkgo to casing, dipped at the jacket clean, lily, JuJube clean, and reddish dates into atomic. 2) slice on the steak into pieces.
Very first set the lily, eucalyptus, peppermint to the darkened kettle, A DD 2, 000 tsp of plain water (8 cups of plain water ).
3) add a clay kettle jointly, put in drinking water 2500 tsp (approximately 10 bowls), flames bud boil, rather than a gradual simmer for approximately two hours, then move in to the proper quantity of salt is. This replenishing Qi and bloodstream soup additionally shoulder knee that is healthy, S O middleaged ladies back-ache straight back pain, so can employ.

3) place red dates cook 5 minutes, then finally set the pumpkin, then boiled until finally softened.
Set the correct quantity of drinking water to boil, then cook soft once the reddish beans in to the cooked, then add stone sugarlevels.
Two ) add a clay kettle jointly, insert drinking water 2500 tsp (approximately 10 dishes ). 3) following boil the flames, switch to your simmer for approximately two weeks and move the proper quantity of salt into the kettle.
Supplies: Lily, Ginkgo per 50 g, JuJube 8, 300 g of tea, beef 3 pills.
Filial daughter could soup into mommy beverage.
Inch ) octopus dried marginally dipped;
Position: This soup may play with the function of drinking water discoloration, however in addition could reap the bloodstream, heating drainage release pus, beneficial for feminine attractiveness.

Two ) Boil the water at the pumpkin, very first place the Tremella along with lotus seeds, then simmer for about a quarter hour.