whole lot of nourishment, is the attractiveness of skin care,

Fruit contains a whole lot of nourishment, is the attractiveness of skin care, then the fruit of the attractiveness of the greater effect?

The upcoming Chinese wellbeing Network to recommend to you what fruit attractiveness thought better, expect will help you…
Cherry fruit is a vegetable, some thing fruit, comprising vitamin content is eight times times that the Overall tomato, can enhance our sun defense function, enhance your own body immunity, delay the entire body aging
New JuJube
Full of protein, carotene, vitamins, era we’ve got great health, refreshing jujube spleen qi, upkeep of our skin
Lychee Includes vitamin A,b1,c, in Addition to pectin, iron, calcium, etc., Litchi has liver, enhance liver function, accelerate the excretion of toxins, would be the Perfect fruit of detox attractiveness
Low-calorie berry, the fruit Queen often consume apples, cholesterol content is significantly reduced, Apple has Plenty of crude fiber, to help reduce weight
Walnuts, pine nuts, yells, sesame seeds, etc., encourage hair growth, the event of development, stop hair loss, stop dry skin
Potato Includes fiber, reduces stomach acid, vitamin content is significantly greater than just lettuce, beauty maintenance