the condition of deficiency of water, therefore

Winter climate is dry, so a lot people’s skin is confronting the condition of deficiency of water, therefore attractiveness of girls need beauty goods to keep the epidermis, here, China Health Network for one to urge several all-natural beauty goods, hope will help you…

Tea Tree Mushroom Ribs soup Substance: Tea Tree mushroom 50 g, cut into little sections, marginally rinse can (don’t soak).
Little ribs 200 g, cut into little pieces, to atomic jujube 10, dates 1 bits, 1 pieces of ginger.
Exercise: To boil water from the kettle, all of the stuff into the boiling water, then the flame boil for 15 minutes, then use the moderate fire for half an hour.
Function: Remove fat, clear gut, and also have thin body impact.
Tip: The man or woman who doesn’t consume meat can’t put ribs, since there are mushrooms, so the soup is very fresh incense.
Watermelon and shameful Chicken soup
Substance: Brand New watermelon 1 (will be wrapped up melon beef, leaving a bit reddish, the rind into little pieces), black poultry 1, then cut into chunks, 1 parts of jujube, lean 200 g. Exercise: First boil the water, then the chicken nuggets, ginger, lean beef, dates to the fire for 30 minutes, the fire at the kettle 1.5 hours, then, will reduce the watermelon to, then use the pot 30 minutes at the flame.
Ultimately, salt is put based on flavor. Function: Nourishing yin and draining heat, replenishing kidney and liver. This soup for ladies, adhere to long term beverage, the skin is going to be lubricated.
This soup is quite good-looking, you will find green, red, black poultry is dark, both flavor amazing, and nourishing.
Beauty Care Practice: First wash the fish tail, then place to the oil kettle (just a tiny oil), the 2 sides fried into gold yellow.
Boil the water, then place all of the stuff into boiling water, then fire for 30 minutes and then in the kettle for 1.5 hoursand eventually based on taste salt.
Work: Adenophora, Polygonatum qi Yun Lung, hunger, for the smoke and wine a great deal, sleeping look of individuals particularly beneficial.
Substance: Melon 250 g (select white skin green melon, raw a bit, not too recognizable ), fresh conch beef 250 g (100 g of dry products ), older chicken 500 g. Exercise: It is ideal to utilize the classic high and heavy crock, otherwise, don’t Shizhuo steel kettle. First boil the water (water multiple times the substance ), then the ginger, then snail beef, chicken pieces to the fire for 30 minutes, then utilize the moderate fire for two hours, then will melon (cut into little pieces) to, then use the flame kettle half an hour. The soup now is roughly half of the initial quantity of water.
Ultimately, salt is put based on flavor. Dry snail meat using hot blisters for 1 hours, then wash to utilize, fish meat cut 6 bits, if overly fat, can visit poultry skin. Function: This soup, also called Jazz Soup at Hong Kong, is supposedly the preferred of Sir Run Shaw’s soup. Soup Orthophoto is sweet white, girls drink the very best, with attractiveness, moisturizing effect.