how to prevent cancer is a topic of concern

In this era of cancer color change, how to prevent cancer is a topic of concern to everyone.

Although we shout “cancer prevention” every day, you may not know that the best anti-cancer nutrients are hidden in common side dishes.

Follow the small series together to learn how to do a few anti-cancer dishes Bar ~
Steamed eggplant with minced garlic

Anti-cancer, cervical cancer

A substance extracted from eggplant has been used for the treatment of gastric cancer, cervical cancer and other benign effects.

Eggplant is also contained in Solanum nigrum alkali, hyacinth, water, alkali, choline, perilla glycosides, eggplant, such as a variety of alkaloid substances, such as Solanum nigrum alkali, Hyacinth is confirmed to have anti-cancer ability. Production method: Eggplant 2 root, peel, the eggplant cut into 10 centimeters of long strips, garlic, ginger cut to use, put the eggplant on the plate, the pot to steam 15 minutes, pour a little oil in the pot, the garlic, ginger into the pot stir fry, such as garlic, ginger at the end of the color, add raw smoke, sugar, salt, chopped green onion, chicken flavor;

After steaming for 15 minutes, remove the water from the steam tray, then pour the sauce and stir evenly to eat.
Honey Balsam Pear

Can kill cancer cells.

The anti-cancer efficacy of balsam pear comes from a type of quinine protein, an active protein that activates immune cells, which is “setter” through immune cells, killing cancer cells or other abnormal cells.

Balsam pear seeds contain a protease inhibitor, which inhibits the secretion of protease by tumor cells and inhibits the invasion and metastasis of cancerous cells.

Production method: Bitter gourd 1 root wash, cut into thin slices, the bitter melon slices add ice cubes into the fresh storage box for 1 hours, remove the bitter gourd into the plate, poured honey can be eaten.
Kelp and melon ribs soup

Prevention of breast and thyroid tumors

Kelp Chinese herbal medicine called “kelp”, can prevent breast cancer and thyroid tumors.

Kelp can selectively kill or inhibit the intestinal tract can produce carcinogenic bacteria, the fiber can also promote bile acid and cholesterol excretion; kelp extracts have a direct inhibitory effect on various cancer cells. Method of production: 200 grams of ribs washed with roll blanch a blood, remove and control dry water reserve; wax gourd 100 grams with skin cut small pieces, kelp 100 grams dozen into knot wash clean reserve; Pot add water, ginger slices, onion section, octagonal (aniseed) 1 pieces, pour ribs, cooking wine, salt, boil open after the fire to simmer for 1 hours, add wax gourd and kelp knot

, boil until wax gourd becomes transparent and edible.
Sweet potato Millet gruel

can prevent bowel cancer Sweet potatoes are considered to be the perfect food for Yannian and slimming care.

In fact, sweet potatoes also have a powerful anti-cancer function.

Recently, scientists in the sweet potato found a substance to the dehydroepiandrosterone, which can prevent the occurrence of colon cancer and breast.

Production method: Soaked Tremella 1, sweet potatoes 1, cut into small pieces, sweet potatoes, millet and white fungus into the rice cooker to cook for 20 minutes to eat.
Pumpkin Rice

Anti-cancer to reduce blood lipid

Pumpkins can prevent obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia, and have a good effect on cancer prevention.

And rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and cellulose, but also contain the inhibition of carcinogenic to identify the unknown amino acid-p. Production method: Pumpkin 400 grams after the seed cut into small pieces, rice 200 grams of washing, the Wok pour 2 tablespoons edible oil to 7 minutes of heat, and then pour into the pumpkin block stir fry for 1 mins, pour the washed rice and pumpkin stir evenly, then add about 500 ml of water, so that it just did not have rice, cover the pot to simmer for 10 Then open the lid into the salt stir-fry evenly, again cover the lid with the most low-heat stew for 20 minutes after drying water can be eaten.