not to eliminate the small meat, out of the vest

You have been practicing practice, but it is not to eliminate the small meat, out of the vest line? In fact, in addition to practice, adjust the spleen and stomach is the key! Traditional Chinese medicine thinks the spleen main muscle, the whole body’s muscle all must depend on the spleen and stomach the nourishment, the temper health transport, the muscle can have the line.

If the spleen and stomach is weak, muscle energy is reduced, it is easy to appear in the bucket waist, small belly and other terminal obesity phenomenon.

Want the spleen and stomach good, first adjust the daily diet start!

1. Invigorating the spleen and vegetables Lentils are common edible vegetables, but also a panacea. Chinese medicine believes that lentils taste sweet, micro-temperature, spleen, stomach meridian, with the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, stop bloating role, thereby improving muscle strength, plump muscles.

For those with weak spleen and stomach, you can eat a meal containing lentils every day for at least one months in a row. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that pea is sweet and sexual, and has the function of benefiting Qi and invigorating the kidney and invigorating the spleen. The study found that the content of two amino acids-lysine and arginine in peas was particularly high. Lysine can keep the body slim, and arginine can improve muscle mass while reducing fat. You can choose fresh tender peas to stir fry, or with a piece of mountain pills, such as fried, spleen-invigorating effect stronger. You can also cook, stew and eat.

You can eat peas once a day for one consecutive months.

2. Healthy Spleen Staple Food Chinese Medicine believes that the barley flavor is weak, into the spleen, lungs, kidney meridian, with the role of Spleen, dampness.

Modern research has found that the barley in the barley oil contains saturated fatty acids, can prevent muscle spasm, and can reduce muscle fatigue curve, thereby enhancing the endurance of muscle exercise, strengthen muscle strength, reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

After washing 50 grams of barley and 100 grams of Japonica rice, add a little more water than usual to cook, and then cook to eat. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that Poria has the function of invigorating the spleen and nourishing the stomach and dampness and phlegm, and can enter the lungs, spleen and heart.

and wheat flour has the role of JIANPI yangxin, fuling powder with spleen-nourishing stomach, phlegm and dampness, the role of the two together with the use of spleen-nourishing stomach more powerful, thus helping to restore the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, for muscle growth and shape to provide enough blood supply, is conducive to muscle strength and shape.

100 grams of poria cocos into powder, and flour about 500 grams mixed evenly, add water to knead dough, roll into a cake, cooked on the cake to eat, a cake can be divided into two meals to eat, at least for a continuous two weeks.

3. Healthy Spleen Meat Crucian carp taste sweet temperature, there is spleen dampness, and in the appetizer, the role of temperature and lower qi, for the spleen and stomach weakness has a good nourishing therapeutic effect. Modern research found that Crucian carp edible part of every 100 grams containing protein 13 grams, fat 1.1 grams, carbohydrate 0.1 grams, is a typical low-fat, low-calorie, high-protein food, can help muscle fiber growth, enhance muscle fibers, thereby helping to develop the vest line.

Crucian Carp Soup is the regular practice of Crucian carp diet.

will be about 1 pounds of fresh crucian carp, slaughter after washing and add the appropriate amount of ginger, onion section, tangerine peel, boil after boiling, simmer for about 20 minutes, you can taste, eat fish and drink soup. Beef to choose yellow beef, Traditional Chinese medicine, yellow beef taste sweet, sexual temperature, the spleen and stomach, with the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, nourishing blood, strengthening the role of bone, for the spleen and stomach weakness, Qi deficiency caused by weak muscle weakness and so has a good conditioning role. Beef contains high carnitine, can promote the body to produce branched-chain amino acids, promote muscle growth, conducive to the formation of abdominal muscles.

Beef soup is the best.

Choose Tender beef, first fire boiled and then converted to a low heat, stew for at least 1.5 hours, until the beef cooked rotten, you can drink soup to eat meat, this method of eating, making beef fiber more easily digested absorption, conducive to play the role of invigorating spleen appetizer.
4. Invigorating the spleen and fruit In the theory of TCM, peach is sweet, sour and warm, which has the function of health, moistening, activating blood and eliminating the product. In other words, peaches can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation, and reduce the time spent in the intestinal tract of metabolic waste.

Peach meat is rich in fructose, it can promote the synthesis of collagen, maintain muscle and bone health.

Peach can be eaten fresh, can also be squeezed into juice to drink, but also can be made of peaches and canned fruit, long-term consumption. Papaya temperature-flavored acid, with the spleen, and stomach, to stop dampness and other effects of pain.

Papaya is used to strengthen the bone of the important medicinal herbs, often edible, can enhance muscle strength, relieve muscle spasm, cramps and other muscle movement disorders. Papaya can be eaten directly, you can also squeeze juice or cut after the milk, yogurt mixed after eating, you can also add papaya soup, porridge or soup to eat.