a group of cold-hands of the sister paper will

With the large-scale cooling of the country, a group of cold-hands of the sister paper will begin to sigh in the circle of friends on their own life is “broken wings of the Angels.”

Small series has been not very understand “every girl with cold hands and feet, the last life is a broken wing of the angel is what stem, just want to say cold feet is probably sick, to be cured!”
What about the cold feet?

From normal, the human body after cold, in order to protect the blood will naturally flow to the heart and lungs and other important organs, so that blood flow to the limbs will be reduced, leading to cold limbs.

However, some people, especially women, are more likely to get cold feet than normal men, and it is time to consider the physical causes.

1. Insufficiency of Qi and blood operation

Many people’s own yang is sufficient, but the blood is not smooth enough to reach the limbs, it will lead to cold hands and feet, while the body is actually not cold, even fever phenomenon.

There are also some people who have anemia or lack of blood, there will be perennial cold hands and feet phenomenon.

2. Heart problems

If the heart weakens, it is likely that the blood will not run to the end of the extremities.

3. Effects of hormones Many female friends during menstruation will obviously feel the body than usual cold some, especially hands and feet.

In addition, there may be cold hands and feet during pregnancy.

This is mainly affected by hormones, hormonal changes can affect the nervous system, resulting in subcutaneous vasoconstriction and reduced blood flow, thereby triggering coldness.

4. Disease problems

Some diseases, such as hypothyroidism, can decrease in the patient’s basal metabolic rate, which weakens the body’s ability to produce heat and chills the condition.

In addition to these physical factors, daily habits also tend to aggravate the body chill.

1. Sit still for a long time

Sedentary is no good, you know, people who do not exercise the heat will be much lower than exercise, and the blood circulation will become slow, causing the body to cool.

2. Like to wear tights

Tights, although fashionable, the body (of course, for thin people), but also will bind the body, leading to the body and limbs, such as the end of the blood circulation is not smooth, the phenomenon of cold hands and feet.

3. Poor eating habits

Summer cold drink to endure, but the big winter also eat ice cream, is not responsible for their own body.

In addition, vegetarians and weight-loss people also need to pay attention to this problem, do not eat meat will lead to the body’s calorie deficiency, not cold.

4. Living and Living disorders

Do not cover quilt catch cold, often dress thin, also can cause the problem of icy hands and feet.
How to say goodbye to cold feet?

Rubbing my hands and feet

Rub your hands and arch before you go to bed every day until you have a slight fever.

Come on.

Every day sedentary people especially to walk more, on the way to work, the appropriate quick to go, half an hour is advisable.

Usually can do some soothing exercise, simple climbing stairs, in-situ jumping can adjust body temperature.

Bubble foot

Every day to sleep with hot water bubble feet, conditional can add some ginger and cinnamon essential oil, which can promote blood circulation, ease the situation of cold feet.

Don’t stay up late

The person who stays up late should have an experience: by three or four o’clock in the morning, you will obviously feel cold feet, chills, this is the body’s blood loss performance.

So in the autumn and winter season especially to ensure adequate sleep, so that “early to sleep late”, to avoid pathogenic cold invasion.

Daily warmth Some beauty girl to pay attention to, autumn and winter season must pay attention to warm, especially feet. As the saying goes, “cold from the foot”, and the kidney by the beginning of the foot, the foot is vulnerable to cold attack.