nocturnal insects”, but they may be “attacked

Day Out: Mosquito repellent stickers Mosquitoes are “nocturnal insects”, but they may be “attacked” by mosquitoes during the day, and insect repellent stickers can be used at this time. The principle is to use essential oil volatilization to drive mosquitoes. Insect repellent stickers should not be directly contact with the skin, just attach it to clothes, not suitable for allergy and pregnant women to use; ordinary people should not use the time too long every day. There are also mosquito repellent bracelet products, the principle and

mosquito repellent paste is similar, but because it is mainly worn on the wrist, the head, legs of the anti-mosquito effect in general. To the grass and more trees in the wild, due to mosquito density, insect repellent and insect repellent toilet is also some “helpless”, it is best to wear long-sleeved clothes and trousers, avoid wearing sandals, bare feet.

Wang Zhengxiong, a senior expert on Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency, said that mosquitoes often identify and attack through carbon dioxide emitted by the human body, blocking the skin from being “identified” by mosquitoes, even if they are close enough to keep them out of their mouths.

Night out: Mosquito repellent toilet Li Hongzhou said, insect repellent toilet more add insect repellent compounds, such as DEET (DEET), insect repellent ester (also known as moning, referred to as Baape), so that insects lose their perception of the human body odor. The study found that the application of the insect repellent toilet paper can block 99.9% of mosquito bites within 8 hours, and low toxicity. In general, 10% DEET is effective. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should use anti-mosquito solution containing less than 10% of DEET, which is best for babies. Li Hongzhou pointed out that DEET is an insecticide, also used in pesticides, is slightly toxic. Although in the normal use of the situation will not be poisoned, but will stimulate the skin, not with the damaged skin directly contact, not to direct Facebook spray.

By contrast, mosquito repellent esters are less toxic, less irritating and more repellent, so take a look at the ingredients before you buy.

Sleeping: Hanging mosquito nets Although mosquito nets are an ancient anti-mosquito method, they are safer than chemical anti-mosquito methods. Mosquito coils will not only release chemical substances, but also emit carbon dioxide, while the bedroom environment is relatively closed, poor air circulation, poor resistance to the elderly, young children, pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases unfavorable. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that mosquito nets and trousers are the best way to protect against mosquitoes, especially for children. In addition, mosquito-catching lamps use mosquito phototaxis and sensitivity to special wavelengths, trapping mosquitoes in contact with electric shock to death, the human body is relatively small harm, can be used at night. Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency chief of Environmental Health and poison management, Huang Kisen said, it is better to choose a stronger luminosity, such as 8 or more or dual-lamp mosquito trap lights. Lin Dingxiang added that mosquito traps are best placed above the knees, and not more than 180 centimeters from the ground, which is the mosquito’s regular activity range.